Train Your Students to See Nature

Do you remember lying on your back in the summer grass and staring at the clouds overhead? Do your students do this?

Train Your Student to See Nature When I was growing up, before frantic carpools, piano lessons, sports, dance and a packed schedule year-round, we had endless, hot and humid afternoons to play dress-up and to pass time just looking up at the clouds. We could see animals, castles, mountains, angels…all sorts of things that we pointed out to our sisters and friends while we spent time watching those clouds drift by.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I suggest that before the weather turns sharp and cold that you have some “cloud time” put into your school schedule! Painting clouds with pastels are wonderfully beautiful and very quickly done. And, from this observation of nature under your belt, you can introduce a whole world of marvelous art to your students. Just the other afternoon as I was going to my car, I noticed how the sun’s rays were shining high up in a pine tree across the street; the setting sun had turned the trunk of that plain, ordinary pine tree to gold!

Point these things out as you pass through your day! Look at the dew on a spider web and how it glistens like diamonds! Seeing how the sun or light shines on an object is most important in art, because if you translate this observation onto your paper, you have added a wonderful depth to your painting!

zinnia Open your eyes to the marvel of the world around you! See how the light casts a shadow on faces. Look at that wonderful last-of-the-season zinnia glows in the mid-day sun…the sparkle of water in a birdbath…the smoothness and coolness of a stone…have you ever noticed that the trunk of a pine tree is almost purple?

Cherishing Generations All of this awareness in nature and the commonplace things around us will translate into your student’s paintings. When you say, “What side is the light coming from on your bowl of macaroni and cheese?” They will know what you mean! Take them around the house and ask them about the chair in the dining room…which side of the chair is the light on? Of course, they will suddenly tell you about the purple trunks of pine trees while you are driving the car to piano lessons…

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See, these little things will help you, and prove that: You ARE an artist!!


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