What is Painterly Effect in Chalk Pastel Art?

Now just go ahead and rub your hands with glee!  Here is your chance to really be messy with permission!  Painting with pastels is such fun; you are painting with pure paint pigment…and a little goes a long, long way!

Painterly Effect with Chalk Pastel #Art www.hodgepodge.me If you look at the history of pastel painters, you will see that most works are almost impressionistic.  That means the finished painting could just be a “suggestion” of an apple, a flower, a tree in the wind, or even a cat asleep by a fire.  You are ALLOWED to “smudge” and “fist” your painting to achieve what you want the viewer to see!  This is what we call the Painterly Effect!

If you look closely at most of our finished paintings, you will see that the limbs of the trees are squiggly and rough.  The mug of chocolate is not exactly straight and the hole for your fingers on the cup may be a bit lop-sided!  That is ok!

apple chalk pastel painterly effect www.hodgepodge.me Make this apple in less than a minute with our free video tutorial!

Your apple is a beautiful red color…but, oh, my!  You have drawn it outside of its lines and it looks smudged!  That is just fine; you have become a free-spirited artist!  Hooray!

For the written tutorial, please see Mug of Hot Chocolate.

So pick up those pastels and paint!  Remember that I give you full permission to paint with abandon and love what you are doing!  Be a bit messy…those pastel fingerprints on your paper are ok!

pumpkin chalk pastel painterly effect

Make a pumpkin in less than a minute with our video tutorial!

Art for All Ages: Tips and Tutorials

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Remember….you ARE an artist!


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    I LOVE the videos you are putting our lately! They are awesome! Keep up the great work. It is so much fun to see the chalk paintings being completed. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into teaching us. Soft chalk pastels are a wonderful medium and we would have never tried them without your guidance!
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