Your First Easy Lesson in Chalk Pastel Art

Here at Hodgepodge, we are on a mission to share just how easy and fun chalk pastel art is! We welcome you to this 10 day series of Art for All Ages: Tips and Tutorials. Nana (Lucia Hames) and I will be sharing all sorts of free tutorials, art techniques and encouragement. What we share here you can use for all your children – and your fellow adults alike! We also thought you might like to hear from some others who have tried the tutorials. What other families, like you, have to say…

“Easy enough for your smallest one that is able to hold a piece of chalk, challenging enough for high schoolers and adults. No need for expensive supplies – head to your local mart or craft store and get the chalk that fits your budget… Go- This. Will. Bless. Your. Family this fall. I Promise! Nana and Tricia do all the work, you just gather your little ones.” ~ Angie at Petra School

Art for All Ages - 10 Days of Tips and Tutorials ~this post contains affiliate links to art supplies we use and love! Please see our disclosure policy~

But before we go any further, we thought you might be eager to get started. Get your simple set of chalk pastels and let’s make a pumpkin! Follow the easy steps in this video, below:

How to Draw a Pumpkin in Less Than a Minute!

We have two more free video tutorials you will enjoy: Apple Chalk Pastel in Less Than a Minute. For written, printable instructions, see Apple or Pumpkin Chalk Pastel.

Must Have Items for Chalk Pastel #Art + bonus tutorial A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels – How to Get Started

Just HOW to get started? Start here –> The Very Few Must Have Supplies for Chalk Pastel Art (with a fall tree video tutorial)

I see one of Nana’s pastel art lessons and I think to myself, “that looks easy enough for me to do”. So I pull out the pastels and the boys and I do art. One boy in particular has a fascination with pastels so it brings great joy to his heart. It has been a time of pulling us together and pulling our noses out of the books while enjoying something new together. We have had our pastels sitting in a box for 2-3 years because I was always too intimidated to give them a try. Then I saw the video on the fall tree and when Nana broke that chalk it literally hurt my chest. I know, it’s ok… the art lessons are bringing me liberty in those areas too. I broke a piece of chalk in front of my boys and told them to do the same – they just looked at me. Finally, one of them broke a piece of chalk then another and then laughter abounded! It was a beautiful thing. ~ Summer Dossey

Here’s what you can expect over the next two weeks! (Each link will be live on the day it is scheduled)

Art for All Ages: Tips and Tutorials

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial More on Chalk Pastels

Autumn-Hopscotch-2013 It’s an autumn hopscotch with iHomeschool Network! Be sure to visit all the wonderful bloggers! It’s a fabulous page full of categories and 10 days worth of topics!

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Be sure to let us know if you tried one of the chalk pastel tutorials in less than a minute! What questions do you have about chalk pastel art?


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    Jennifer Blackstone says

    Thank you so much for sharing Nana’s chalk pastel art projects and tips. I am teaching an afterschool art class to 3rd and 4th grades on chalk pastels and this website has been a blessing! :) I am excited to get to work with my students.

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