Fall Homeschooling

I think I hear about it much more often from others during spring. The beautiful weather, need-to-get-outside, distracted and can’t-get-school-work-done issue. But boy do we tend to have that at our house in the fall! In fact, some of our very best family memories are made in the fall. Those times we just take off for the outdoors or build our learning around the changing leaves.

Fall Homeschooling at www.hodgepodge.me See, the mosquitoes are a little more scarce, the temperatures are cooler. It’s beautiful outside and there are SO many wonderful things to do!

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So watch out, this is a big catch up sort of Collage Friday/Weekly Wrap because of our Art for All Ages 10 day series. In no particular order and in hodgepodge fashion…

Nature Walks – are the best part of fall homeschooling I think. Outside in God’s beautiful creation! We made our annual trip over to Cheaha State Park, Al. It’s the highest spot in our neighboring state. The trees reflecting in that beautiful lake make for awesome scenes (as shown in our top photo).

fall homeschool at www.hodgepodge.me Hodgepodgedad took the day off, we packed a picnic and took off for the rolling hills. (Checking out the stream, above. And the younger two carry backpacks for their epipens wherever we go).

IMG_9401 Local hikes – We also hiked around some giant boulders just down the road from us. It was a fun trek (and climb!) with our homeschool friends.

Fall Walk in the Woods Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial www.hodgepodge.me Plus, Nana helped us capture these fall walks in chalk pastels!

Local pumpkin patch Pumpkin Patch – another Saturday we took a detour to the local pumpkin patch to select a favorite for our front step. We didn’t know they’d have a hay ride! We got to see a deer scamper across the field. And we also took home a bag full of pink lady apples – a favorite!

IMG_9430 Afternoons for History and Science – we are studying the early 1800s with Tapestry of Grace. The Star Spangled Banner, the War of 1812 and more. One of our favorites was watching the movie Amazing Grace – the story of William Wilberforce. We’ve also been continuing our Apologia Marine Biology studies – whales, seals, walruses, sea lions, manatees – oh my!

Homeschool Kid Coder and Teen Coder with Hodgepodgedad Evening learning – All the boys of the family gathered around a couple nights a week. Evening Lessons with Hodgepodgedad (Homeschool Programming Kid Coder and Teen Coder). Review coming!

stacking firewood for homeschool PE Cold Snap and Firewood means Homeschool PE – one lunch time in the last week we spent stacking firewood in prep for the big cold blast. Then, of course, a fire in the fireplace makes it cozy and comfy to do our lessons close by. (please note the transitional fashion of socks with sandals).

IMG_9259 A fun family read aloud –  We are having the best time in the evenings as Hodgepodgedad reads The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud aloud – complete with accents and voices! And it won’t be long – just a few weeks until we start our advent reading of the Jotham’s Journey trilogy. This year we are reading Bartholomew’s Passage again.

IMG_9214 Celebrations – Destination Birthdays! A friend had a birthday and invited Lil’ Buddy for A Day Out with Thomas! At the very same park…

IMG_2172 The friends also got to explore tanks and planes from wars of the 20th century.

Chickfila homeschool lunch with a bunch Last week we enjoyed lunch at Chickfila with our fellow homeschooling church friends. All organized, with many thanks, by our preschool and children’s ministers!

allergy friendliness at Hodgepodge Taking Care of Those with Allergies – Lil’ Buddy had an egg allergy challenge last week. That’s french toast soaking in egg, above. We were very much hopeful that we might be able to start enjoying food with egg baked in it (e.g., muffins, pancakes, breads, cookies). He ended up not eating that but the allergist added egg protein powder to yogurt. He reacted on the first dose and they were ready. He received Benadryl and was watched under close care for two hours. We do know what and how to avoid what he is allergic to. But we also know that he can eat many things without egg and nuts.

We also edited Littlest Girl’s Saxon Math 2 for allergy friendliness. Thanks SunButter®!

IMG_9403 Family weekends and worship – We had a regular sort of Sunday where everyone sat on the pew together for little while! Littlest Girl was singing in big church with her children’s choir. Usually Hodgepodgedad and Eldest Boy are out and about the church doing computer and server maintenance. Then they run the sound and lighting for the second service. And one weekend evening we had them all piled up watching Veggie Tales.

Blogging Concentrated Atlanta Continuing education for mom and dad – Oh! and I never got to share with you that Hodgepodgedad and I attended Blogging Concentrated right here in Atlanta a few weekends ago. Guess who we shared a table with? Yes, Collage Friday hostess Mary Prather of Homegrown Learners and her husband Hal (top photo). This time of learning was like iBlog times 10! Plus it was such fun to be with these fellow blogging friends (like Lacy of Catholic Icing there in the bottom right photo). I highly recommend Blogging Concentrated – which may just be in a city near you.

IMG_9307 Of course all the regularly scheduled subjects continued on. Boy am I grateful for Teaching Textbooks for my older three. Sure makes things more enjoyable for all of us all around! Whew!

BundleoftheWeek.com, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

News? Our Sunday Savings cookbook (how to save $1500 a year eating Sunday dinner at home + recipes) is amongst these great ebooks in this week’s Kitchen Essentials bundle! We also have a Christmas chalk pastels ebook coming very soon! More on that next week. We’re so excited to share!

Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!

Now that was one, big catch up after three weeks! Busy, blessed, challenged, stretched, loved and soaking up fall. How about you?


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    Whew – I’m tired reading your post! There are so many wonderful things in this. I love that your church has such a large homeschooling population. There are just TWO in our church, so we are the lone dogs!

    Now when I see pictures of your husband I feel like I KNOW him, since we spent time with you two. I’m hoping we can arrange another get together soon. I so appreciate your friendship and wisdom, Tricia.

    Thanks for always linking!
    Mary recently posted..Math, Friendship, Shoeboxes & More – Collage FridayMy Profile

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    I was looking through all your wonderful activities and recognizing a family favorite with “The Ark, The Reed, and the Fire Cloud.” We’re currently on the third one, and my hubby always reads them to the kids because he loves doing the accents :-)

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    Looks like a wonderful time Trisha! LOVE the Fall chalk tutorial- we also spend a lot of time outdoors in the fall. It’s just gotten really lovely here. We don’t have the pretty leaves, but there is a beautiful world to explore along the Gulf. I’m having a hard time wrangling the boys from outside to do their school work (but we get it done eventually) :)
    kelli – Homeschooling Adventurez recently posted..FREE Homeschool printables: & a look at our weekMy Profile

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