Homeschooling Children of Multiple Ages – Joys and Challenges

This week has been one of those weeks I have truly felt  – yep, we are homeschooling multiple ages. Both the joys and challenges of our age range.

Earlier in the week I had the privilege of being on a panel of fellow mamas talking about this very subject. We discussed joys, challenges, how we have children naturally schooling together, the challenges and how we mamas with an age range unwind at the end of the school day. This half hour recording is packed full of practical wisdom and fresh ideas from Lauren Hill of Mama’s Learning Corner, Amy Roberts of Raising Arrows, Connie Hughes of Smockity Frocks, Judy of Contented at Home (and me)!

Homeschooling Children of Multiple Ages Google Plus Hangout << – Lauren has a fabulous round up post here with links to many of the resources that were shared.

Lauren’s Weekly Hangouts are every Tuesday at 2 pm ET. You can join the hangout (circle Lauren on Google +) and watch, follow along on her Google page or watch the recording anytime afterwards at your leisure. So many great topics!

Homeschooling-Children-of-Multiple-Ages-Round-Up One of the topics that came up was planning. I shared how our Weekly Homeschool Planning Meeting with Multiple Ages is such a blessing. The others shared many other ideas. Amy does what she calls block teaching. Teaching one subject in a big chunk each week. Judy starts her homeschool day with her oldest children while we…

Homeschooling Children of Multiple Ages - Joys and Challenges Start with the Little Ones First. (Our days go well with me focusing my attention on the two little ones first thing while the older three are starting their day. All it really takes is about a half an hour of time. Handwriting, Rod and Staff books, math meeting and some fun activities.) This was one of those wonderful mornings where we pulled homeschool in by the family room fireplace and enjoyed the fire Hodgepodgedad had built before he went to work.

IMG_9580 What were they working on there? Well, the three Rs and a wonderful Color-By-Number Holiday Book by Lauren Hill. This is what Lil’ Buddy (K) had to say: “that was fun, Mama! Can I do another one?” (by the boy who is not one to stay long and color! Littlest Girl (2nd grade) is doing a holiday book too because there are addition and subtraction color-by-number pages too! She customized her title page with a turkey and a Christmas tree. Lil’ Buddy is also enjoying Color-by-Number ABC by Lauren as well. We have both in a binder. And you can get them BOTH for a special price for a short time.

fall backyard Then, when they are finished with their homeschool and the older ones are in the thick of their morning, the younger two can run outside (even in the freezing cold!) and have a break in the backyard.

There was also some discussion of the needs of those older children. My high schoolers especially like to talk late at night after the younger children go to bed. These are very special times.

How-to-Plan-Individual-Time-with-Multiple-Ages-1024x682 Preschoolers, middle ones and teenagers. That’s where we are. With such a mix of ages it’s sometimes hard to have individual time with each child. Just how do you make a habit of planning individual time with each child? I share a few of the ways my husband and I accomplish that. The habits that help. How to Plan Individual Time with Multiple Ages.

WSB-TV and Radio field trip This week my high schoolers, middle schooler and I were privileged to attend another Civics field trip. (Yet another case of homeschooling multiple ages – our wonderful friend had our younger two children over to play so that I could take the older three to WSB-TV and radio!) We got to meet our local TV anchors, weather center people and talk with the radio traffic folks – what an important job they all have here in Atlanta!

It’s definitely a full, challenging day homeschooling multiple ages from kindergarten up to high school. As I mentioned in the video above, we have plenty of drama and trauma around here daily! Interruptions are a refining by fire. An opportunity to teach constantly!

Pray constantly that you will have the strength and the wits to make it through everything that’s coming and end up on your feet. Luke 21:36

IMG_9574 Hang on to those joyful moments. Ask for the Lord to bless your homeschool. Sit by the fire and color. Go on field trips. Cart them around to music lessons. Read to them all together at bedtime.

Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask for the ‘ancient paths’. When you find them, walk that way and you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16

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Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!


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