Apologia Marine Biology Review

I’m sharing a review and giveaway of Apologia’s Marine Biology course for high school at The Curriculum Choice!

Apologia Marine Biology Studies at the Georgia Aquarium www.thecurriculumchoice.com There are plastic sea creatures in my bathtub – an octopus, several sharks. There are also family passes to the Georgia Aquarium in my wallet. And, thanks to Apologia, we have wonderful textbooks, a multimedia CD and elementary level journals at the ready in our homeschool. I’ve shared before how we are doing a family study of marine biology this year. A few months ago in my review of Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, I introduced you to our shark-loving second grader and our sixth grader with a kinesthetic learning style. The text and journals by Jeannie Fulbright are a perfect match for our younger children. Well…

Exploring-Creation-with-Marine-Biology-Homeschooling-High-School-www.thecurriculumchoice.com_-500x750 Please read the rest of my Apologia Marine Biology High School Course review at The Curriculum Choice.

Plus, here are a few more of the marine resources I’ve shared, all in one place:

We have been thoroughly enjoying our Apologia Marine Biology resources this year with all our ages!

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