Homeschool Programming KidCoder Series Review

It has always been our desire that our children would be proficient at using the computer. Not only that but our goal is an understanding of how the technology we use works – as well as the programming part.

Homeschool Programming KidCoder Web Design Review ~Don’t miss the giveaway at the end! Plus, Hodgepodgedad has a review and giveaway of the TeenCoder at The Curriculum Choice. We received these Homeschool Programming resources in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we love the knowledge we are continuing to see from this multi-age study. Please see our disclosure policy.

KidCoder Homeschool Programming “The KidCoder Visual Basic Series and KidCoder Web Series for 4th-12th grade is light-hearted and easy-to-learn, with plenty of detailed examples and guidance to keep your student on the right track. This series is fun for all ages or those just trying out the field of computer programming to see if they like it.” ~ at

So www stands for World Wide Web? ~ 6th Grade, Middle Girl, after her first KidCoder lesson

It’s amazing the things we take for granted in this age of technology. Like what my daughter asked above. She learned the meaning from the first chapter of KidCoder.

KidCoder inside pages What Does Homeschool Programming – KidCoder Include?

Homeschool Programming Textbook

A Thirteen chapter textbook – each including several lessons, chapter review and ‘your turn’ activity

  • Before You Begin – minimum hardware and software requirements
  • Chapter One – Introduction to Web Design
  • Chapter Two – Web Site Files and Directories
  • Chapter Three – Your First Web Page
  • Chapter Four: Web Content
  • Chapter Five: Connecting Your Site
  • Chapter Six: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Chapter Seven: Practical CSS
  • Chapter Eight: Understanding Cascades
  • Chapter Nine: Positioning
  • Chapter Ten: Branding Your Site
  • Chapter Eleven: Working with Graphics
  • Chapter Twelve: Tables
  • Chapter Thirteen: Final Project

Examples of topics covered in several chapters: How the Internet Works, Web Browsers, The Language of Mark-Up, Ways to Create HTML, File Naming and Extensions, Make File Extensions Visible, Web Pages, Essential HTML Symbols, HTML File Layout, Create Your Own Raptors Home Page, Add the <head> element, Add the <body> element, Saving and Viewing a Web Page, Problem Solving Hints, Header Elements, Adding <meta> Tags, Adding <!DOCTYPE> to your Home Page, Problem Solving, Body Elements, Add a <h1> Heading to the Raptors Home Page, Adding Paragraphs, Solving, Chapter Review, Word Games, Highlighting Content, Bold Words on the Raptors Home Page, Dividing Up Your Page, Adding <div> Tags to Your Home Page, Keeping It Neat, Cleaning Up Your Page, Adding Footer Content, HTML Lists, Creating an Ordered List, Chapter Review, Make an Unordered List… and much, much more!!

Instructional Videos

These are optional supplements – animated and a help for each and every chapter. Great for visual and auditory learners (like we have here!). The videos are 5-10 minutes each.

Middle Girl reading a KidCoder chapter What Age is the KidCoder series Designed For?

Designed for 4th-12th grade students.

Why KidCoder is Great in Our Homeschool

  • Our sixth grader is following along at an easy pace the Beginning Web Design course. We are choosing to spread the one course out over this homeschool year. In addition to the topics she is learning on our subscription, she will have a well rounded year of technology!
  • The text plus the activities offer a great learning combination.
  • Ideal for families with multiple children since you can use the course several times.
  • No prior experience is necessary for the teacher. Oh that is great since I am only married to the man that knows (as I say often).
  • Tests and solutions for keeping track of progress.
  • Throughout the course, Middle Girl is designing a web page, following step-by-step. The end project is to create a web page of her own design.

Where Can You Find Homeschool Programming’s KidCoder series?

Find out even more about the KidCoder series at the Homeschool Programming site. KidCoder Beginning Web Design is available for $70.00. And that’s not all! Homeschool Programming offers many more courses – check out all the offerings on the Homeschool Programming site!

The next in the KidCoder series is Advanced Web Design. Both courses together offer a full year’s worth of homeschool programming.

—– > > Try Sample Pages of KidCoder and more in the series.

In Summary

Our children are learning basic plus more in computer programming. It is so much more than I could ever teach and can be an independent study. Plus we can use it with all of our five children! I am so grateful for a thorough, hands on course – complete with practical activities!

KidCoder & TeenCoder series reviews Now For the Giveaway!

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And don’t forget to stop by for the TeenCoder review and giveaway at The Curriculum Choice!


  1. 2

    Karen says

    I had heard of Kid Coder before but so far we’re doing nothing with programming. Just keeping my options open, though.

  2. 4

    Cindy B says

    I have heard of this before… so thanks for another reminder, and the offer!! We are computer users by not programmers. So this is on the wishlist. Thanks.

  3. 5


    I actually think I could learn a bunch myself from this. Believe it or not our homeschool hasn’t been heavy on computers yet because I really have to focus on English with my reluctant writer. But I think this program would inspire me to spend a bit of time on it with my son. Thanks for offering it!

  4. 6

    Erin Markavage says

    I haven’t heard of this book before now. However, my son would love it! He is interested in all things computer!

  5. 7

    Amy S says

    We have heard of this program and intend to use it for our high schoolers…one of which wants to go on to college in the field of programing.

  6. 8

    Kathy says

    I have not heard of this before, but my husband has mentioned wanting our children to have these skills as part of our overall curriculum! I would love to get a copy of Kid Coder so that we can add it in next year in 4th grade.

  7. 10

    tammy cordery says

    I saw this in one of my homeschooling catalogs I thought it was a great program but did have the money to have them take a computer course. I would love to win this

  8. 13

    Angie says

    I have looked at this program before, it looks great! I am hoping to use it for my boys next year or the following (5th or 6th grade).

  9. 20


    I don’t think I had ever seen these programs before, but both of my kids are really into computers and technology and would LOVE Kidcoder.

  10. 22

    CindyZS says

    i think my grandson knows more about computers than i, he is self teaching but would love for him to know the right ways. would love for my little granddaughter to learn as well. thanks

  11. 23

    Michelle S says

    This year we have really started using the computer more. I would never have thought of teaching programming but this actually sounds interesting and fun! I would love to use this with my daughter (and myself)!

  12. 25

    Kat R. says

    This looks awesome! We’ve not yet delved into computer programming, but it’s definitely something I feel would be a valuable skill for my kids to learn or at least be exposed to.

  13. 27


    My son has specifically asked to study computer programming this year ( he is in 6 th grade). I am considering this course very strongly! Thanks for the review!

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