Olympic Rings Chalk Pastel Art

With the Winter Olympics getting closer each day, it was time to make some Olympic rings in chalk pastels! This project is pretty simple. And you can make this painting your very own.

Olympic Rings Chalk Pastel Art www.hodgepodge.me Add the Olympic torch (our video tutorial) in the background, some athletes, a snow scene. Make it yours!

How to draw Olympic rings in chalk pastels www.hodgepodge.me We’ve been learning with our Winter Games 2014 study by Amanda Bennett, that the colors are representative of all the flags of the participating countries. The colors of the rings are pictured in the top photo above. So you will need blue, black, red, yellow and green.

Olympic rings interlocking chalk art www.hodgepodge.me Draw your five rings in each color, being careful to overlap them without blending the colors. I also outlined mine in black.

And that is it! As Nana says, “You ARE an artist!!”

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels: Winter Olympics

~ by Middle Girl

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  1. Dear Middle Girl:

    You did a wonderful tutorial! I am SO out of a job!


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