Real Refreshment Retreats for the Homeschool Mama

Ready to be encouraged in your journey? Right during the February winter blahs? I urge you, fellow sisters in the homeschool trenches, to make retreat time a priority. Yes it is for you. But have you every thought of how your thirst for encouragement might be refreshed from the Living Water? I’ll share many more reasons for refreshment plus some highlights from Real Refreshment Retreat Atlanta…

Real Refreshment Retreats for the Homeschool Mama

“…but anyone who is thirsty, come to Me and drink. Whoever believes in Me, as scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. John 7: 37-38

Real Refreshment Retreats Atlanta

Why You Should Attend a Homeschool Retreat

  • To get away and be refreshed. Jesus set the example when He went away from the crowd to be with the Father.
  • To be refreshed – for your husband and your family. Your time away is a blessing for everyone!
  • To be better equipped for the homeschooling journey. Not only is it great to be in a room full of fellow homeschool mothers (you are not alone!) You will learn from all those on the same path.

Here’s how this past weekend refreshed me…

Real Refreshment Retreat nuts and bolts

Addressing Homeschool Insecurities

Encouragement from veteran homeschool mamas! In the nuts and bolts Homeschooling High School session I heard a basic run down of high school requirements. Plus this from Sherri Seligson: “God is the author of gaps.” (She’s the author of our Apologia marine biology text!) And also from Sherri, a suggestion to keep “a simple manila folder with a list of reasons why you homeschool – so you can pull it out on ‘those’ days.

“One of the reasons I appreciate homeschooling is it keeps me on my knees.” Sherri Seligson

Writing Well with Jeannie Fulbright

Even Homeschool Writing Challenges

A basic formula that is THE answer for SAT/ACT and all the way down to my rising third grader. Author Jeannie Fulbright says to set aside the creative writing and focus on the simple formula. Topic sentence, three points, examples and closing sentence. Expanding that from one paragraph to three paragraphs then to five paragraphs as the children advance in grade. And she has a new writing curriculum coming out shortly.

“We do not want to give our children a heritage of fear but a heritage of faith.” ~Jeannie Fulbright

Friends at Real Refreshment Retreats

1. balloon time! (Kerri was a good sport) | 2. a photo with author Jeannie Fulbright | 3. chocolate, of course! | 4. My friends and retreat roommates Heidi and Kerri.

Wonderful Time With Friends!

What fun conversation starters, giveaways and ice breaker games there were!

Real Refreshment retreats schedule


Real Refreshment Retreats are unique in this I believe. Time set aside throughout the retreat for corporate worship through song – both choruses and hymns.

Homeschool badge Real Refreshment Retreats Atlanta

This is such a great conversation starter! I might have to wear this at home as my homeschool badge :) (My instagram friend pointed out that I left off ARTIST!)

“They are HIS kids” ~ Rachael Carman

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is so very, very important! Real Refreshment retreats had two prayer sessions set aside. Rebecca Brandt led us in these powerful times. Concluding at the end of the retreat with a giant circle of women holding hands and praying for the ladies on either side of them.

Living Water at Real Refreshment Retreats

In summary, Connie Albers put it well when she opened the retreat and painted the picture of the homeschool mom. She explained that there is always someone just starting out that you can help mentor. And then there is always someone else further along on the journey than you. So you are reaching your hand back to help the new mother at the same time you are reaching your other hand out to the veteran homeschooler saying ‘help!’

Real Refreshment Retreats community

Find the Real Refreshment community on these social media outlets! Plus, on instagram, search the hashtag #refreshmom for many wonderful snapshots of the weekend.

I guess what I am trying to say is this: a Real Refreshment Retreat is truly a wonderful combination of encouragement, seeking the Father, continuing education, worship and preparation for the homeschool journey.

Many thanks to all the many organizer, speakers and fellow Real Refreshment Retreats  attendees for helping me drink from the Living Water and take time to retreat!


  1. 1

    Heidi says

    It was such a blessing! My only regret is not going sooner. I left the retreat feeling refreshed and renewed in my home school journey.

  2. 3


    Tricia, it was so great sitting with you this weekend. The time is never long enough, but the fellowship with you is always sweet! I just cried as I read through your post… Oh, it is a blessing so many think they can just do without. And I was one of those. Now, this is the one event that fuels me and keeps me strong. The women this past weekend were so amazing. I can’t remember anytime when I made so many friends at once. The laughter, the prayers, the truth and the genuine desire to grow together in the name of Christ was simply beautiful!! Love you sweet friend and looking forward to learning more from you…

    • 4


      Rebecca – I agree. It is a blessing so many think they can do without. You summed it up well also with “the laughter, the prayers, the truth…” I think sometimes we mamas suffer from guilt when we get away. But it is something that blesses not only us but our family as well. I so appreciate your friendship Rebecca – and I do love that I get to see you in person now and then – and, of course, around online. Hugs!!

  3. 5

    Michelle says

    This is totally off subject, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I have a rather peculiar story to share. You see, I am an artist (who ironically uses pastels!) who is also a homeschool mom, but I have never been able to actually teach my kids art. Because I am a perfectionist, I could never figure out how to teach them without being certain to turn them off from art.

    After trying a few different types of art curriculum unsuccessfully, I just figured if they were artsy, my interest and work would inspire them to do the same. (I was wrong!)

    I had even come to the conclusion that I needed to put my own art things away if I was not going to be able to teach my own kids. It just didn’t seem right as a homeschool mom.

    But your mom has such a relaxed, easy way about teaching and makes it look soo fun and simple that I think I am ready to pull those pastels out again! Thank you SO much! BIG HUGS and blessings to the both of you for your generosity!

    • 6


      Michelle – you have absolutely made my day! so you know the joy of pastels and I do hope you pull them out. Nana has changed our lives and, as I often say, opened the art door. It is fun and it is simple. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and let us know.

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