A Hodgepodge of Pinterest Fun

Do you love Pinterest too? I love the visual collections. I love the boards you can create. The recipes you can find. The inspiration. The resources. The tools.

Best of Hodgepodge Pinterest boards www.hodgepodge.me

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Today, my fellow iHomeschool Network friends and I are sharing our favorite Pinterest boards. Well, this was no small task for me. Because I love all my boards! Fortunately I got to share five for both Habits for a Happy Home and The Curriculum Choice (yes, I pin for those boards too!) But I did manage to choose just five. I’m sharing them with you, below:

Free Art Tutorials and Lessons

We love art at Hodgepodge. And this is a great visual of all (I think!) of Nana’s free tutorials.

Art Tutorial Showcase Board

Speaking of art tutorials, this board makes me SO happy! Showcasing families enjoying Nana’s tutorials! Over 260 pins!!

Slow Cooker Recipes

Because I adore my slow cooker and being able to stick all the ingredients in there after lunch and walk away. It is the super supper saver.

Teaching Multiple Ages

Because balancing the needs of the age range is a daily thing here at Hodgepodge. Of course I also have boards for homeschooling the younger set, middle school as well as homeschooling high school at Hodgepodge.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Deep, relaxing sigh. The beach, colors of the beach, favorite hymns and Bible verses, hydrangeas, living in the south. Another sigh.


You Are Invited to The Ultimate Homeschool Pinterest Party

Every week I co-hostess The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party!

  • If you are a blogger this is a great way to share your content, increase your followers, and have your pins repinned! Your pins will appear on FIVE sites. This linky will start every Friday at midnight and will remain open all week.
  • If you are NOT a blogger this is a great party to find the BEST homeschool ideas, resources, projects, and more!

Each of the five hostesses feature one or more homeschool pinners each week.


Your turn! What are YOUR favorite Pinterest boards?

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