Helpful Homeschool Habit: Reading

This week following the change to daylight savings time always seems to be an adjustment in many ways. Especially for children going to bed when it’s still a little bit light outside. But I am sharing a habit that helps! A habit that is also one of the ways we grow a love of reading in our home.

Helpful #Homeschool Habit - Independent Bedtime Reading

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The Key is Getting to Bed Early

Yes, with daylight savings time everyone isn’t quite ready for bed anyway. We’ve found the answer is simply to tell the children that they can read in bed for half an hour. We actually started this with Littlest Girl when she was recovering from sickness a couple of weeks ago. Since then she’s read Charlotte’s Web, My Father’s Dragon, Ramona and Beezus and is currently reading Henry Huggins.

Lil’ Buddy has a wonderful set of Thomas the Train books with a matching reader. We call it his Thomas Kindle. So even though he isn’t full out reading on his own, he can read Thomas with his ‘kindle’.

Read the Bible

This is also a wonderful way to build a habit of reading the Bible at bedtime. “Yes, if you go ahead and get in the bed now, you can read your Bible!” We have also been building the habit Kendra shared in her post, Early to Rise. Starting our day with the younger ones choosing a Bible to read.

I first heard about this habit from the same book we learned about our Morning Room Time habit: Creative Family Times. (You might also like our Bible Study and Character Training for Multiple Ages).

Henry Huggins

Here’s another benefit and habit builder. Putting that wonderful book beside your bed when you turn out the light means that sometimes the reading continues when your child wakes in the morning. That happened several times over the last couple of weeks. We delayed math one morning so Littlest Girl could finish Charlotte’s Web.

Do it while they are young and it will be a habit and just may lead to some independent learning in your middle and high schoolers.

Homeschool K and 2nd

1. (a favorite from this week!) This #homeschool moment brought to you by 2nd grader teaching kindergartener: “so if you have 5 dimes that’s like five groups of ten. Or 5×10 and that’s multiplication!” | 2. Learning about seasons, the hemispheres and the equator with Amanda Bennett’s Spring Surprises Unit Study (only $5 through 3/16) | 3. Cutting and pasting with Rod and Staff K books | 4. A favorite homeschool view in our school room.

Spring Surprises

This week the younger two (kindergartener and 2nd grader) and I enjoyed Spring Surprises unit study from Amanda Bennett. I’ll be sharing more detail on it next week! It was perfect timing with the spring like weather we had part of this week. We found signs of spring all around our yard.

Signs of Spring in Georgia

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

1. Scootering the favorite local trail. | 2 Lil’ Buddy is swinging all on his own now. It’s such freedom for him! | 3. Eldest Boy volunteered to pressure wash the front walk and the back patio! | 4. Sliding and cloud watching on a gorgeous day!

Homeschooling middle and high schoolers

Middle and High School Highlights at Hodgepodge

1. Never too old to draw with chalk and declare it a beautiful day! | 2. She’s reading Apologia’s Marine Biology to me – all about the frogfish. | 3. Practicing piano (in the home stretch on recital as well as drama troupe productions!) | 4. More Apologia Marine Biology.

  • Sixth grade Middle Girl is has found a good groove by retreating to her room after breakfast and math. She can have a bit of quiet doing language arts, reading her science and history. She can also practice her lines and songs for Mrs. Potts in the upcoming Beauty & the Beast without disturbing others doing math  :)
  • 10th grade Eldest Girl had the opportunity to help lead a middle school lock in at church last week. She also went with the youth to visit a retirement home. There she shared what the Lord is doing in her life right now. She also got to talk to a sweet lady who played the piano there.
  • I love how 9th grade Eldest Boy just breezes through math and shares highlights from marine biology. He has already been flipping through the Apologia catalog looking at high school science for next year.

Habits for a Happy Home

More Hodgepodge:

Many thanks to our hostesses!

Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels

Have you seen signs of spring where you live?


  1. 1


    I always love the schoolroom view, who wouldn’t want to sit and do schoolwork with that view? Great ideas for dealing with the change of time. It seems easier as they get older but it is never really easy, especially for us grown-ups! I love that your eldest is having so many opportunities to lead and share her faith! Love you, love your family!
    Heidi recently posted..Rejoice in TrialsMy Profile

  2. 2


    You have spring? I’m a little jealous. All we have so far is bluer skies and slightly bare roads. And skunks. On the plus side, we’re making maple syrup, so it’s worth having winter just for that!

    Thanks for sharing what your kids are up to. I love reading about others’ middle school experiences as well as the younger ones since I have grade 1 and also 7/8 here and we try to encourage independence and self-managed learning …’s great to gather ideas!
    Erin-The Usual Mayhem recently posted..Learning the Process of Making Maple Syrup -Outdoor Play Party March 14th, 2014My Profile

  3. 4


    What a beautiful school room view!

    Great tips about encouraging reading at bedtime. For our first grader, if he has any extra time before bed, we let him read. But after reading this, I think we need to plan it so he more often has extra time available before bedtime so he can read.
    Amy M recently posted..Weekly PeekMy Profile

  4. 5


    Looks like it was a great week for you. We love reading before bedtime, too. I never thought about it and the time-change. I am impressed at the reading ability of Littlest Girl. I bet it does seem like spring where you are. It is still pretty cold here. Unit Studies for the younger ones sounds nice and I like that your older ones are studying Marine Biology. I see many trips to the Aquarium for your family.
    Phyllis at All Things Beautiful recently posted..Our Homeschool Weekly Report, March 7-13, week 24My Profile

  5. 6


    Tricia – I love anything that helps build reading habits! When my kids were younger they read every night before they went to sleep, now that they are older they have switched to reading in the morning when they first wake up. My oldest says it helps his brain wake up :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing at the Finishing Strong Link-up!

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