Helpful Homeschool Habit: Take a Break!

Several times this week I received confirmation that we need to take a break. This photo was taken Monday morning after the younger two had completed their school work…

Helpful #Homeschool Habit - Take a Break!

Time for a homeschool break! Nerf guns and backyard swinging over here. How about you?

We all need breaks. Short breaks during the day. And a break from homeschool. We’ll be taking a spring break next week. This post from my friend and fellow Curriculum Choice review author, Annie Kate, was helpful to me: Not Finishing the School Year. As well as Daniele’s A Pause for Stillness <— You should read these too!

I’m not sure what our spring break will look like. I’m usually such a big planner. I know we’ll visit family. Probably use our family passes to the local venues – the aquarium and/or High Museum of Art. Visit some local Civil War spots to match our history studies. Other than that, we shall see…

But before we go, here’s some highlights from the week. Yes, we are Fitting it All In so we can break next week!

Tapestry of Grace Writing - high school

Multiple Ages: Tapestry of Grace

After last week’s Tapestry of Grace catch up session, we were in the thick of the Civil War. This week was heavy with writing, history reading. Both high schoolers are doing essays on different aspects of the Civil War. You can see those topics in the photo above. (More on how Tapestry of Grace is a great fit for our age range.)

Tapestry of Grace Y3 at Hodgepodge

In the habit of Teaching and Planning Tapestry of Grace for Multiple Ages and Levels, I reserved every and all possible library books for the weeks we are studying. Plus the movie Little Women with Katharine Hepburn! My high schoolers are reading a daily excerpt of How to Read a Book. In addition, they are answering the SAT Question of the Day with the app by the same name. (Both link to Annie Kate’s reviews at The Curriculum Choice.)

Computer apps learning

Online Learning

Above, kindergartener was finished with homeschool and practicing with learning apps (Phonics and Reading with McGuffey) while 9th grader was working on Teaching Textbooks math. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate iPad and Online Learning into Homeschool – with links to many of our favorite apps. Plus here is a link to more of Hodgepodgedad’s technology and app reviews.

Online learning with and rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom online tutorials for the craftiness need of Middle Girl (she did a search for both the star burst and the Elsa Frozen doll). Plus, from Photography 101 for Middle Girl and C++ for ninth grader. We even learned about Frederic Chopin and his military polonaise during lunch one day. We love our artist and composer studies with {affiliate} Harmony Fine Arts!

Kindergarten at Hodgepodge

Kindergarten: Phonics and Reading

Steady practice each homeschool day with A Reason for Handwriting and Alphaphonics – how far he has come this year in kindergarten!

male cardinal

Spring Nature Study for All Ages

The spring birds are out and about in our yard. Here is a photo of a male cardinal. The bluebird was back in the redbud when we started school each morning. (His brilliant blue against the pink of the redbud is stunning!) But by the time I got the camera, he was trying to scare off the ‘other’ male bluebird he saw in the neighbor’s truck mirror. He was not happy about his reflection! He didn’t stop by the redbud again. Maybe tomorrow.

Plus we’ve enjoyed these links this week!

the sound and lighting guys

High School: Electives/Volunteer Work

Our two high schoolers stay busy with volunteer positions besides the extracurricular drama troupe, piano and online computer courses. Each week our Eldest Son (ninth grader) spends time shadowing Hodgepodgedad at his second job – on staff at our church. He is the IT Director so there is plenty to do running a computer network. Plus they also team up to run the sound and lighting for one of the church services each week. I finally remembered to get a picture!

Playing keyboard at church

Eldest Girl (10th grader) has been challenging herself in learning the keyboard and playing in the youth band. She’s been playing piano since she was seven. We got her a keyboard for Christmas so she could expand further into playing praise songs. She has practice with the band twice a week and loves it!

Together on Tuesday at Chick-fil-a

Family Fun

To raise funds for scholarships to Chick-fil-a’s Camp Winshape, our church has several ‘Together on Tuesday’ times where we gather to enjoy Chick-fil-a. A portion of the sales goes towards the scholarships. We were happy to help out!

Trim Healthy Mama fudge for Jane Austen night with the girls

Last weekend I had the privilege of a Jane Austen night with some fellow homeschool moms! Many thanks to Middle Girl who made the Trim Healthy Mama Super Rich Fudge (with SunButter!) for me – for the occasion.


Easter Crown of Thorns Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

More Hodgepodge:

{Giveaway!} Chalk Pastel Bird Nest Art by Lucia Hames

Many thanks to our hostesses!

Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

There may be a post or two around here next week but it will be kind of quiet. How about y’all? Are you taking a spring break?





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    Tricia — enjoy your Spring Break! We have one more week and then we will be relaxing for a week.

    I love the opportunities your big kids have to pursue their interests and develop skills that are going to directly translate into adulthood. Very nice. :-)

    We need to plan to get together in April – when my husband returns from Central America!

    • 9


      Mary, we’d love to get together in April – after Central America! And yes, those big kids of mine are really already 10th and 11th graders since we are just about finished up here in the next few weeks. That will be another whirlwind of good things. So very blessed with a wonderful church family, friends and adults who mentor. And yes, life skills!

  2. 10


    Ah, yes a spring break is a wonderful habit. I hope that yours is very fine. I love to come here and see all the happy smiles and all the advances each week in their learning. It may be hard for you to see them all since you are in the middle of it, but I can see it. Each week there are advances and accomplishments. You enjoy your well-deserved break.
    Phyllis at All Things Beautiful recently posted..Lego Challenge #7: GardenMy Profile

    • 11


      Everybody needs a Phyllis in their life! Thank you sweet friend :) It’s looking like the weather will be lovely – in the 70s mostly next week. So the timing is just right!

  3. 12


    Tricia, I loved reading this re-cap! I didn’t realize that you were doing TOG Year 3 also! We are heading into the Civil War. All of the library books and those from Amazon arrived yesterday, so our next week will be packed with good reading! I can’t wait!

    Enjoy your time off! xoxo

    • 13


      Yes – we are in the Civil War too! Plan to head out to the surrounding Civil War spots in the next week. See The General from the Great Locomotive Chase, battlefields, maybe the Gone with the Wind museum… we’ll see! Love knowing you are doing Y3 too! Thank you Lauren!

  4. 14


    That sounds like a wonderfully full week! We had spring break last week while Mason and I were in the hospital and it was SO needed. This week has gone well because everyone is refreshed from break.

    We’re hosting a Nerf Rebelle party tomorrow morning (I’m promoting it for House Party and they sent us a big box free). Tonight I’m making the games so I thought I would share one fun and easy one: Grab some paper plates and cut out the centers to shoot through. Hang these up with string. You can cut the holes to different diameters for easier and harder targets.
    Okay, one more…. do the same thing except tape tissue paper on the back of the plates so when you shoot through the hole in the plate you shoot through the tissue. :)

    I like the writing assignments in TOG, those look so helpful with a range of ages! I wish I could get my hands on TOG to try…. we’ve got so many ages here and I’m trying to simplify/combine even more for next year.
    Tristan recently posted..Week in Review – March 28My Profile

  5. 16


    We’re still bouncing back from all the events and changes from last spring, so breaks have been numerous this year. Sometimes you just gotta! You have such a range of homeschoolers, huh? You’ve reminded me how valuable reading aloud is! I should start that up again!

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