The Many Opportunities of Homeschooling

The past two weeks I have been noticing and cataloging in my mind the many opportunities homeschooling affords us. Last week our week was somewhat hijacked by sickness. Half the household had some terrible virus. Needless to say our week did not go as planned. But, you know, sometimes there are other lessons to be learned.

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The Many Opportunities of #Homeschool

I’m not sure I would often say sickness gave us opportunities. But it did. And the opportunities happened in these ways…


Taking Care Plus Independent Learning

1. Middle Girl made lunch for the well ones downstairs, while I took care of sick ones upstairs. | 2. When I knew that we wouldn’t have a regular week – I wrote a basic reminder on the chalkboard by the phone. The older three worked independently | 3. Plenty of time for figuring out new songs on the piano | 4. Making get well cards for little brother and sister (and time to just spread out all the supplies and create).

In addition, Eldest Girl kept the laundry going while Eldest Boy took care of the trash. But this time ‘on their own’ also gave them an opportunity to spend a little longer on the things they enjoy most and want to learn more about.


Knowing that the older three could just get their school work done on their own freed me up to take care. Those two little ones were pitiful.


It’s a hodgepodge of learning this afternoon – Max Lucado’s Grace for the Moment devotional, {affiliate link} Harmony Fine Arts composer study, Harmony Art Mom’s free world geography study and Mendelssohn’s Scottish symphony.

This week all are much better. But the little ones are still a little on the weak side and getting back to normal. We’ve been lining up the Gatorade bottles to catch up on hydration. Slowly stepping back into the regular schedule.

regular hodgepodge homeschool

Adjusting and Making Allowances

But regular is so very nice! 1. Just a regular Saxon 2nd grade math lesson.  2. Another morning – math waited until a little later because she got down to the last chapter of a childhood classic.  3. Handwriting with kindergartener 4. Found one of my high schoolers looking ahead in Apologia Marine Biology – love it!

editing ebooks

My eldest even helped out on A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels by giving it another good edit!

paging at capitol Yesterday my 10th and 6th graders spent a morning at the Georgia State Capitol paging for the speaker! It was a fabulous learning experience. I am grateful that our civics teacher keeps us informed of these wonderful opportunities.

Two weeks worth of homeschool opportunities. Many around the house and within the family, some downtown Atlanta.

More Hodgepodge:, 5 eBooks for $7.40!
Our Help! I’m Homeschooling ebook is part of this week’s Beat the Winter Homeschool Blues bundle of the week. (just click the image above to find out more)

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels And yes! our newest spring art tutorials book is now available. We are SO ready for spring!

Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!

Have your homeschool opportunities been close by, field trips, or opportunities to serve each other at home?


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    Tricia ~ you’re always so positive about everything and I think that is 99% of the homeschool journey – a good attitude :-)

    What I really like is how all of your children work together when someone isn’t feeling well. They are learning so much through that – what a blessing they all are to each other.

    Have a great weekend!

    • 2


      Mary – I know you know that sometimes it is all you can do to find the positives on these kind of weeks! And I was so very, very grateful for the older children stepping up. I really thought one of our little ones was going to need to get some IV fluids. Thankfully, we didn’t have to.

      But, I do hope that y’all know that things are far from rosy, posy puddin’ and pie here all the time. We’ve got the full age range of personalities, learning styles, attitudes, hormones and all. Just had throw in that bit of real life like my Imperfect Homeschool post :)
      Thank you friend!

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    We were hit with the flu-bug this week, too. You always have beautiful weeks, even with sickness. Like Mary said, it is your wonderfully bright attitude that makes all the difference. I copied your picture of your Spring Chalk Pastels book and added it to the bottom of my post, to tell others about it. I hope you don’t mind. Have a very happy week.
    Phyllis at All Things Beautiful recently posted..Our Weekly Homeschool Report, February 28-March 6; week 23My Profile

    • 6


      Yes, I am still catching up on sleep but have to look at the positives! Oh I do hope you like our new spring art book. We have loved putting it together and have been SO excited about it.

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    I love your updates ! What fun to be involved with the local politics! Tallahassee is a drive for us! I don’t think we’ve ever been to the state building.

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      We are so glad we have these opportunities – the ultimate learning field trip. If you are wanting to find something local – you might consider your city or county government. Our city hosts a National Day of Prayer gathering in early May – right close to us. Just brainstorming with you!

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    Oh wow, that is very cool to play pager at the state level!! What a sweet opportunity. I do hope the sickness has left for good and you guys can find your groove again. You have listed several of the reasons why I just love homeschooling. It moves with life.
    Kay @Kay’s Little Korner recently posted..HS: Moving WestMy Profile

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