Trim Healthy Mama: Hodgepodge Style

I hear you big time about ONE MORE THING to add to your life. I ordered the Trim Healthy Mama book and put off reading it when it came in the mail – simply because it was just so big! The book sat beside me on the end table by the couch. But when I did start reading it, I tried to hone in on what would work for me. That is what I am sharing with you today. Those simple adjustments that were easy to roll into the Hodgepodge lifestyle.

Trim Healthy Mama - Hodgepodge Style

To recap this series… I went gluten free last June out of desperation. I have been plagued with inflammatory arthritis for decades. I realized finally – that I was so very careful with my children’s allergies – could it be possible food was causing my trouble too? Fast forward to November last year, still not losing weight or feeling tip top was the ‘final straw’ that made me go ahead and start the Trim Healthy Mama diet the week before Thanksgiving (yes, really). Each of the steps of this journey are linked at the bottom of this post.

(The information I share here is by no means medical advice. Just simple, practical encouragement and sharing of how thrilled I am to find what works for me. Some links are affiliate links to products we have grown to love and truly depend on. Plus, if you purchase through our links, a small portion goes to keep our homeschool and the Hodgepodge site running. See our disclosure policy. )

I have been on the Trim Healthy Mama diet since November 2013 and lost 22+ pounds. For the most part I am grain free. I also quit coffee because I saw the same type of inflammatory reaction in my joints – after changing my eating habits. I feel SO much better!

Trim Healthy Mama back of book

Trim Healthy Mama, the Book

Now I am not going to explain the contents of Trim Healthy Mama. But I am going to share some simple menu ideas. From what I understand, Trim Healthy Mama can be compared to the Atkins diet. Low carb, high protein. This book contains details on the types of meals you can eat, lengthy descriptions and examples. Plus these two sisters have different approaches for themselves and their families. There is also a section on hormones, intimacy as well as exercise. Trim Healthy Mama is just a whole lifestyle approach shared by Christian women.

As you know, I am not big on sharing photos of myself here at Hodgepodge. But what would a Trim Healthy Mama post be without a before and after photo? Now remember, I have not said that I am a skinny mini. The very best thing about this lifestyle adjustment is I am rid of inflammation, I feel so much better, am healthier and have more energy. But it sure is great to drop a bunch of pounds too!

Tricia Hodges before and after Trim Healthy Mama

(Ok, I feel like I’m in one of those cheesy before and after diet commercials…) October 2012 and March 2014 wearing the same shirt but different jeans – after five children and decades of inflammatory problems. But the weight loss occurred between November 2013 and February 2014 – about 3-4 months.

Benefits I Have Seen from Trim Healthy Mama:

  • I am not hungry.
  • My sugar levels are even. Before I would desperately need a mid-morning snack.
  • Afternoon naps are an occasional treat rather than a 10 minute daily necessity to make it through supper and evening.
  • I feel so much better.
  • I sleep longer (I no longer get up at 5 a.m. because I am achy)
  • Did I say I feel so much better?
  • The best part? I am currently down 22 lbs. Down two sizes in my jeans. I need new church clothes so they will fit and I will look like I have lost weight.

Trim Healthy Mama Sample Menu - Hodgepodge Style

Sample Hodgepodge Style Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Menu

I haven’t varied my diet a whole lot since I picked out these basics. I need to sit down with the THM book again. But, I have continued on with my batch cooking habit. Cooking batches of meat in the slow cooker (<– free ebook) to make it easy and simple for weeknight meals for the whole family.

Trim Healthy Mama breakfasts

Trim Healthy Mama Breakfasts

  • Two scrambled eggs (can have three) with a T of cream cheese for fat – maybe some turkey bacon
  • oatmeal with berries
  • Trim, Healthy Mama Pancakes

THM Lunches

  • A meat (hamburger patty without a bun, turkey meat, chicken), a big salad with Ranch dressing (see the protein and then a little bit of fat?)
  • tuna salad with mayo
  • modified waldorf salad – two big scoops of cottage cheese and a whole apple cut up.
  • sweet potato with butter, cottage cheese and/or salad

Trim Healthy Mama suppers

Trim Healthy Mama Suppers

As pictured above (and of course, these work for lunches too)

  • taco salad
  • hot dogs (no bun) with chili
  • salmon loaf (Mamaw’s recipe without bread, eggs)
  • Any of the Simple Two Ingredient Slow Cooker Meals with cream cheese, BBQ sauce, etc.
  • I will have the chicken we are all having and a sweet potato with butter.
  • When we have spaghetti – I save myself out some of the ground turkey before it goes in the spaghetti sauce. I maybe add some avocado, some spinach greens or something to make a salad of it. No noodles for me, even if they are gluten free.

Chocolate 'Ganache' Greek Yogurt Swirl

Trim Healthy Mama Snacks/Desserts

  • cake in a mug
  • Cup of PG Tips Tea with real whipping cream and Truvia.
  • Greek Yogurt Swirl (I have renamed this Chocolate Ganache to make it sound like more of a treat). A bed time snack of plain, Greek yogurt with a T of cocoa and two packets of Truvia mixed in and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips. (Sort of like this pin.)

Eating Out - Date Night

Trim Healthy Mama Eating Out

  • The Moe’s Earmuffs (main ingredients in a bowl without a tortilla). No rice but black beans, chicken, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream. NO corn chips. That’s kind of tough but the guacamole makes up for it.
  • Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets! (Also, my friend Jenny says that you can ask for the ingredients of the breakfast burrito in a bowl – without the tortilla)
  • Longhorn (we had a gift certificate and celebrated my husband’s birthday) steak filet and sweet potato with butter.

Ice cream allowance - one scoop

THM Allowances

This is me – cheating. These are my own, personal allowances (not suggested in Trim Healthy Mama) because a girl has to have something to look forward to. I’m sharing these because I have had these treats in small amounts and still lost weight. Small amounts – not hog wild.

  • Sometimes in the afternoon about 3 pm (at the proper distance between meals), I have one scoop of ice cream and a sprinkle of chocolate chips with the children. This is NOT on THM but I have continued to lose weight doing this.
  • On Friday nights I allow myself a real, fountain Dr. Pepper. I also have some sort of ice cream treat OR a small candy bar.

I would probably lose weight faster if I cut that out. But…

Trim Healthy Mama - Hodgepodge Style


I love my blue shoes… I love my blue shoes (sung in the style of Pete the Cat). We are going on family walks more now that we have more light in the evenings. Plus, as I mentioned in my Healthy Mama: Gluten Free Living, I can now walk greater distances. This walking for fitness is a thing again. And it is such a gift!! Freedom, I tell ya.

In Summary

I am so very grateful to the Trim Healthy Mama authors for investing the time in others! And once again I thank my high school friend Jenny for telling me about this book. Now I am on a journey with a hand full of fellow homeschool mamas in my church and homeschool circle.

  • So – basically no grains. Some oatmeal for breakfast now and then. NO chips (those are my downfall). No tortilla chips. No cereal. No gluten free replacement products really. Just protein – eggs, meat and lots of veggies. Fruits you can have with a protein. You can have nuts but we don’t have those around here.
  • It’s all about protein and a pat of fat to balance blood sugar and keep your metabolism going.
  • I watch portions carefully. It’s easy to heap out a big hunk of Greek yogurt. But 1/2 cup to a cup is more than enough. And very filling.
  • (I still have gf waffles, nuggets, etc on hand for the children. The authors point out that children are still growing and have massive metabolisms and need bread, rolls, bananas (bananas are a no no)

Trim Healthy Mama paperback

Where Can You Find Trim Healthy Mama?

You can get Trim Healthy Mama either a Kindle version or a paperback book version. I wanted the paperback so I could hold it in my hand, turn down the corners of pages and pick it up and read it whenever. Take it to the kitchen to make a cake in a mug.

Hodgepodge Healthy Mama Pinterest board

This is a growing Healthy Mama Pinterest board with the more I learn! (Remember I started Low Sugar Living then Gluten Free boards)

Coming up in the Healthy Mama series – Hodgepodgedad! (link will be live as he shares)…

Maybe I will share now and then about the continuing education of the healthy mama lifestyle. But I just had to tell you about my new-found freedoms. How about you – do you have some successes to share?


  1. 1

    Jeana says

    Tricia, I didn’t know you were doing THM! I’ve been doing it about a year and a half now and love it.

    I don’t completely agree that it’s like Atkins. The E meals contain fruit and/or a low glycemic grain, like oatmeal, quinoa, or brown rice. A lot of people skip these because they’re not as fun as the S meals, but they’re an important part of the plan. The authors stress that your body does need healthy forms of glucose, and we get those from the E meals. And for those who can have gluten, Uncle Sam’s cereal is on-plan.

    Do you know about the THM support group on Facebook? I get a lot of encouragement and new ideas there.

    • 2


      Jeana – hooray!! Yes, I didn’t explain that quite well did I? But it’s an easy way of helping folks understand who have never heard of it. I will have to find out more from you about the THM support group! I am definitely still learning.

  2. 5


    You go girl! So proud of you! It really is a lifestyle change – very challenging to get started but since it does become a routine and part of every day then it is so much easier to maintain. You feel better and are healthy and happy. Congratulations on all of your hard work!

    • 6


      Thank you so much Susan! You are right. Would you believe I am a lifetime Weight Watchers member from long ago? Still have my pin! But I think it is the gluten issues that I have learned most about. I am SO pleased to have so many freedoms again. Walking for fitness is huge! Plus the general feeling better.

  3. 7


    Look at you! You look amazing. I read your post about stopping coffee and thought it may help me with some inflammation in my legs. It’s been four days and finally the headaches have stopped, but I get so tired a nap is a definite addition to my schedule. The swelling has gone down though, so thank you for sharing that.

    I looked into the DASH diet and this sounds somewhat similar. My sister is trying to lose weight and I’m trying to eat better for health reasons. (Could be high blood pressure or kidney/liver issues.) Maybe this would be better for both of us. We have started walking 30 min daily and seeing great results. My sister will need to buy some new pants soon.

    Lynda Schultz recently posted..Have a Math Game DayMy Profile

    • 8


      Lynda – I am so glad you are seeing positive results! Just like you, I did things in stages. Baby steps to freedom. And doing what is best for you. How blessed you are to have your sister on the journey with you!

    • 10


      My friend Phyllis you are such a wonderful example for all in so many ways! Now, I first went gluten free last summer. And I started to notice changes and feeling better overall – especially in my hands and my joints – within a week. However, that was also when I noticed my problem with coffee. So I had to work through that. I felt wonderful being gluten free. But I was not seeing much weight loss. I had replaced things in my diet with gluten free items (breads, crackers, etc.) I had started moving more towards a ‘whole foods’ approach. But when I went on THM in November I felt better within days. The protein maintained my sugar levels. I had more energy. I slept better. So, round about answer. GF – within a week I felt better with less inflammation. THM – I felt energized because of the level plan. I sure hope that helps!

  4. 11

    Jenny Conard says

    Love the meal explanations. I wanted to tell you that Allen and I love spaghetti squash in place of pasta. now. That is the only way we do it……which is funny b/c before doing that detox I would have said you were crazy to use it in place of pasta. I love that I can bake one squash and then have leftovers and the “pasta” is not soggy the next day. Chips are so my downfall. Giving up tortilla chips is hard. Kettle chips (small bag) are sometimes my treat out. I don’t dare start eating any at home. Dr. Mom makes some flaxseed crackers that are grain free and I use for guacamole and salsa or cheese and crackers sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

    • 12


      Hmmm… since I trust you then I will have to try squash as a replacement for pasta! I do love squash – especially in summer. Since I first went on my aunt’s low sugar diet a few years back – I have been very limited in eating tomatoes/sauce (though I love it!) because of the acids and inflammation. And yes, chips are definitely my downfall – kettle chips! I will have to look for the Dr. Mom flaxseed crackers. That would be great for guacamole. Thank you Jenny!!

  5. 13

    Christa says

    You look wonderful and younger!!!! Will get to meet the THM sisters this weekend in Nashville at the TTD homeschool convention. Plan to buy their book there since it is “out of stock” at bookstores in 3 counties around me!! I was going to order it this past weekend but was afraid it would be shipped while we were gone! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. 15


    Wonderful! You are looking and doing great!

    The Greek Chocolate Yogurt sounds great! I’ve been only using berries and Truvia, but I’m ready for something different and think Greek yogurt would be more sliming than the Rich Chocolate Fudge that I am currently addicted to. First, it was Skinny Chocolate, then Mini Chocolate Cakes for Purist, then the fudge. I find I have to change it up to keep me satisfied. I have lost the same amount in less time (about 8 weeks), but I am a lot more strict. I cheat like you do on birthdays, but if I have a cheat any other time I keep it to a bite (now) – the first 4 weeks I didn’t cheat at all, except on a birthday, and that was mainly for my kids (I don’t want to be so strict that I can’t enjoy their day with them). I’m relieved to see that you can cheat as you do and still lose weight, though! It’s reassuring knowing that once I reach goal, I can relax a little! I miss my chocolate covered almonds, among other things! :)

    Oh, have you had Zevia? It’s my go to when I need a pop fix!
    Michelle @ Delightful Learning recently posted..Preschool with Bo Unit 2: Letter B, Boat, Noah’s ArkMy Profile

    • 16


      I just read about Zevia when I was re-reading sections of THM this past weekend. Will have to see about that! Yes, that Greek chocolate yogurt is a fuel pull (I also realized late in the game) and I think it is the reason I have been able to lose even with some cheats. Now, if I replaced the cheats with the Greek yogurt… Anyway the overall feeling better is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  7. 17


    I’ve tried the THM thing and we do enjoy some of the recipes in the book but since finding out I have an egg allergy I’ve given up – too many egg recipes that I can’t have unless I want to hug the toilet :( I also have a hard time figuring out all the E, S, FP, etc too confusing for this busy mama. I’m glad it’s working for you though.
    Sarah recently posted..Litfuse Publicity: A Sky without Stars (Quilts of Love series) by Linda S. Clare #grow4christMy Profile

    • 18


      I understand Sarah! We have one child with egg allergy over here. It makes balancing things a continuing hodgepodge, of course :) I do eat eggs for breakfast a lot but tend to stick to meat and salad for lunch and supper. Plus I eat the stew out of plain, Greek yogurt!

  8. 20


    So proud of you, friend! You have made some amazing changes and you look great! Thank you for sharing all of this great information and motivating me to make some changes in my life as well.
    Heidi recently posted..Rejoice in TrialsMy Profile

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