Free Caterpillar Video Chalk Art Tutorial

Do we have a treat for you! Our eight-year-old taught Nana a chalk pastel tutorial. We have it for you to enjoy in video tutorial form, below.

Free or Frugal Homeschool Art for All Ages Also, Nana and I are sharing Free or Frugal Homeschool Art for All Ages at Free Homeschool Deals today as part of Jamerrill’s 3rd Annual Homeschooling for Free and Frugal Series. But first, Littlest Girl’s caterpillar tutorial…

How To Draw A Caterpillar With Chalk Pastels

One of my youngest granddaughters was my teacher for this wonderful pastel.  She is much, much more patient with her students and I am.  She didn’t insist on HER choice of pastel colors, and was just a delight to learn from! ~ Nana

Caterpillar Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Plus Nana is sharing a Very Hungry Caterpillar Video Art tutorial as part of our Free or Frugal Homeschool Art for All Ages at Free Homeschool Deals!

In the last several years I have learned a few things about art as a homeschool mama. Guess what?

  • Art resources do not have to be expensive
  • We really can enjoy art frequently
  • All our ages can ‘do’ art together
  • It’s not hard!

Really! And I will show you how…   Join Nana and me at Free Homeschool Deals!


Art for All Ages Curriculum bundle 

You Are An Artist!

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels

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