A Hodgepodge View of Homeschooling From Multiple Ages

If you give a child an iPhone and ask him to snap a few photos of what he enjoys about homeschooling, this is what you might get. Each of my children offer a snapshot into their homeschool life today. From kindergarten to elementary and middle to high school…

A Hodgepodge View of Homeschooling From Multiple Ages www.hodgepodge.me

 This homeschool moment brought to you by trying-to-be-patient little brother (waiting for big sister to finish math).

Homeschool Photos by My Children

Kindergartener's view of #homeschool www.hodgepodge.me It’s just fun!” ~ kindergartener

Second Grader's view of #homeschool www.hodgepodge.me Second grader – “handwriting, math, English and spelling!

Middle schooler's view of #homeschool www.hodgepodge.me I really like having free time and not having to be in a classroom for eight hours a day. I can pick strawberries, be with my brothers and sisters, bake and watch birds.” ~ Middle Girl (6th Grader)

Middle Girl's nature view of #homeschool www.hodgepodge.me

“We were going over to swing on the old swing set and we saw a dove fly away. Another day we went to swing and a dove flew away again. That’s when we noticed the nest. I took at picture of the mother dove watching us from up on the branch. And I used the zoom lens to get a picture of the dove nest. The other picture is of the strawberries growing in our planter on the patio. We saw a squirrel eat one!” ~ Middle Girl

Ninth Grader's View of Homeschooling www.hodgepodge.me Time for learning about technology is great. I also like being able to do my math on the computer.” ~ 9th grader, high school

high school view of #homeschool

10th grader – My Eldest Girl put together this collage of her view of homeschooling. It includes: her keyboard, laughing at Steak & Shake after a drama troupe performance, a trip to a local waterfall. Also other activities she enjoys: the youth group lead team, drama troupe, praise band, youth camp, paging at our state’s capitol and hiking at the park.


Mama's view of #homeschool www.hodgepodge.me

It’s interesting to see and hear about my children’s perspective of homeschooling. Somewhat similar to my view, maybe?



Joining with the wonderful fellow bloggers of iHomeschool Network today. Be sure to click over and take a look into all the kid’s views of homeschooling!

So, is it what you expected?

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Tricia faces a daily dose of chaos homeschooling five children. The biggest lesson she’s learned? At the end of the day – when the dishes are put away and the children are tucked in bed – truly what matters is each child’s relationship with the Lord. Raising children is a God-given privilege and, folks, the time is short.


  1. What a fun idea! I imagine my kid’s view would be similar.

  2. Jennifer says:

    What English are you using in the second graders view point?

  3. What a neat post! And I have a similar stack of books on one of my coffee tables right now, and normally the dinning room table most of the day too.
    Victoria recently posted..1 Summer Fun Goal For This Week: May 5 to 11My Profile

  4. Jessica says:

    Great post! So cool to see it through each person’s ‘eyes’. I have the same blue Nike’s too!

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