Helpful Habit: Celebrate a Good End to the Homeschool Year

We are at a repeat of where we were this time last year. “Are you feeling it too? The calendar is clearing up. There’s white space on the page, flip flops by the back door and blue skies outside! Choir, church activities, drama troupe have all ended for the year for us. Some subjects are wrapped up and tucked away. The girls are still practicing for piano recital next week but…How to Let Summer Learning Happen – ‘Have a Framework of Fun

Helpful Habit - Celebrate a Good End to the #Homeschool Year

~ Free Last Day of School Printables via Ashley @ Frugal Coupon Living ~  Yes, the 2013-2014 homeschool year flew by and now we have a rising:

  • 1st grader (no more preschoolers *sniff*)
  • 3rd grader
  • 7th grader
  • 10th grader and
  • 11th grader

Southeastern Civil War Field Trips and Resources

Wow! We have been in the thick of wrapping up our studies with productions and end of the year concerts. Even so, our Civil War history studies will continue through the summer. Not only because there are many events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the war in Georgia. But also because we have been swept up in learning everything possible about this time of history. And because there are simply so very many resources close to our home. So much so that I devoted an entire post to Georgia Civil War Field Trips and Resources – and plan to update it each time we find something new.

But before we head straight into summer, it’s been a couple of weeks since I shared a homeschool update and here is why…

Drama Troupe Drama Troupe Production of Beauty and the Beast – All but one night last week was spent in practice or performance of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. Eldest Girl as the Wardrobe and Middle Girl as Mrs. Potts. We have been singing the songs from Beauty and the Beast since they were cast in this roles in January! What a blessing our drama troupe is! From the director: “The goal of our drama troupe is to glorify and honor God by offering our gifts, time, and most importantly, our will as He teaches and disciplines us through the art of drama.”

Friends and family to support drama troupe 1. Mrs. Potts and The Wardrobe are human again! | 2. The Hodgepodge | 3. Our church youth pastor and his family came too! | 4. Pampa and his granddaughters – Outstanding!! Bravo!! So grateful for wonderful drama troupe leaders and friends. Thankful to so many family members and friends who came to support the show. And so very proud of my girls!

Appreciation of Fine Arts high school course Appreciation of Fine Arts – drama troupe for our two girls is all part of this subject our children have been learning together. Littlest Girl is looking forward to auditioning for drama troupe over the summer. This appreciation class also includes:

  • Harmony Fine Arts Art and Music Appreciation studies (affiliate link to this resource we love!) – all the children participate in these composer and artist studies
  • Special times getting to see local productions of plays
  • Piano lessons and two recitals (Eldest and Middle Girl)
  • Violin lessons and two concerts (Middle Girl)
  • Youth Praise Band (keyboardist)/Worship Leader Team (Eldest Girl)

Spring Strings Concert 2014 Spring Violin Concert  –  this past week!

The same weekend, we got to see our cousins at a family Mother’s Day weekend gathering plus celebrated Mother’s Day with grandmothers two other times! Talk about blessed.

A Good End to the #Homeschool Year After a blessed weekend full of the drama production, family gathering, church and two Mother’s Day celebrations, we got a later start this past Monday. 1. Violin practice | 2. English final – lounging and typing it up on the iPad style | 3. LEGO® StoryStarter and building with blocks | 4. Piano practice

Walking the Silver Comet Trail Update! I’ve lost ten more pounds since my February post on Trim Healthy Mama! We’ve been exploring new parts of the local Silver Comet Trail system close by. Now that I can walk for fitness again (thanks to Trim Healthy Mama), I am truly celebrating! I LOVE being able to walk, walk, walk! Folks, it has been a full year since I have had to go to the doctor for my knees. That is the first time that has happened in two and a half decades! It is freedom. Freedom.

Coming Up:

  • Through the summer, as we visit local spots I will be sharing our favorites and updating that list of field trips.
  • I’ll be sharing about our favorite curriculum choices for our multiple ages, what we plan to study next year and more about our high school electives.

Chalk Pastels- Art at the Beach

More Hodgepodge Art for All Ages:

Many thanks to our hostesses!

Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

Are you finishing up your school year?


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    Wow. You know that fine arts and history are our two favorite subjects, and your posts are always so rich with them. It is wonderful how many opportunities you have for your children. Your drama troupe is so awesome! And the chalk pastels book! The Silver Comet trail is so beautiful. What a peaceful way to exercise.

    • 2


      Our drama troupe IS awesome – blessed big time! I remember you being in drama yourself Phyllis and you commenting before. In fact when I was putting this post together I thought of you so much! We have indeed had a very rich year of fine arts and history. Loving it! So grateful the Silver Comet trail is so close. Thanks Phyllis!

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    The certificates are a fun idea and I had to laugh at the face your oldest girl made holding hers. We’re winding down to summer and I need to plan a ‘yay, we did it’ day before that. Not sure exactly what that will entail but if we can get a day with decent weather it will probably mean a Zoo trip. We’ll see.

    The drama troupe looks amazing. We don’t have anything like that around here at the moment that I know of. Neat!

    And you’re killing us with the hints about the summer chalk pastel ebook! The kids have been doing chalk pastel birds a lot lately as they watch the new arrivals and nesting pairs around our area.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Tristan recently posted..Nature Table Additions, Lists, and LifeMy Profile

    • 7


      I love your idea of a zoo trip!! We are going to be making several day trips close to home to state parks we’ve been meaning to and wanting to go to. Chalk pastel birds and nesting pairs sound like a wonderful combination of art and nature study! And we are SO excited about the new chalk pastels beach book! Thanks Tristan :)

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