IKEA for Homeschool – Organization Update

Are you organizing? Both July and late December seem to be THE organizational times for us. Both being before back-to-school times. I recently had a question from my friend Pamela on our IKEA for homeschool organization. And I asked if I could share her question here since it was about time for an organizational update.

IKEA for Homeschool - organization galore!

Q: I’ve been looking at your Hodgepodge homeschool room tour. We are about to redo our homeschool room with some help from IKEA. We are trying to decide about adjustable shelves vs. non adjustable cubes. Also thinking about baskets vs. drawers and the option of some cabinets. So much to think about.

IKEA for Homeschool

What are you favorite, most useful things you have done and are there some things you did that just don’t really work like you thought they would? We do very little work in the school room, but it is still where we keep everything. It has gotten out of hand lately and I need some better storage solutions.

Hodgepodge Homeschool Room

Hodgepodge Homeschool Room in action!

A: We honestly use everything. But remember that we did this homeschool makeover in stages. The school room, the family room and even children’s bedrooms.

Like you, we were hoping to get control of things that were out of hand. So, in the homeschool room, we took a look at the existing bookshelves my brother built. (They are wonderful! If you are local and need some bookshelves or other home improvement type work, let me know). We used those bookshelves as the bones. And we added baskets. 

IKEA baskets for homeschool

  • The IKEA baskets really help with all the visual clutter of supplies for five children. Yet I can look down inside the baskets and get what I need. There are key, ‘go to’ baskets I use a bunch and others I should go through and get rid of stuff! 

IKEA couch

So… To sum it all up, maybe think about what bothers you the most and tackle that. That’s the approach we made. Just the stacks and stuff. There were so many stacks of papers and books and notebooks and folders. Now each child has his or her own basket plus there are baskets for specific purposes. One for printer paper and construction paper. Several to house binders…

Hodgepodgedad spruces up our homeschool room

Hodgepodgedad sprucing up the homeschool room in January. We are always working on it!

We use our school room for the little ones and for Teaching Textbooks math and for storage. Like you, we don’t use our homeschool room all the time. Learning happens all over the house!

Homeschool Room Organization

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I share all this so you might take one thing for inspiration. One rearrangement that might work. Just remember that all of this was done over several years, the frugal way!

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    Homeschool Mom of 2 says

    Looking for those Expedits on the IKEA website and can’t find them. We unfortunately don’t have an IKEA so I can’t go shop. Hoping you can give me the link like the basketss. Love your room and all your ideas. Thanks for posting.

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    I think I will start an IKEA collection too since I’m only an hour and a half away from IKEA. I like how you have hidden the clutter that goes along with so many students (aka children) homeschooling. I really like how your room feels like a home and the kids are lounging around getting their school work done. Super comfy feeling to your space. Thank you for sharing.
    Kyle @ Aspired Living recently posted..New Home, New Homeschool RoomMy Profile

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    Love your space. It totally gave me an idea for my space. But I had a question. What is stored in your boxes? Trying to reorganize things in our home.

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      Hi Kenya – all sorts of things are stored there! Some hold all of one child’s binders. There’s one for printer paper. One for construction paper. The bottom row has math manipulatives, workbooks. And it changes from now and then based on our needs. The tops are open enough for me to be able to see down in each – yet the ‘visual clutter’ of all those supplies is cut down by the cleaner look of the baskets.

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