Helpful Homeschool Habit: Moving Forward

We’ve been enjoying a slow and steady start to homeschool after a fun summer. This week has been one marked with moving on. Like the Little Engine That Could. I think I can… I think I can… We aren’t quite up to full speed but I’d say we are at least 3/4 or close to being full throttle. We are still savoring summer with some pool visits but all the extracurricular is definitely filling up the calendar. And it’s all good. 

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Helpful Homeschool Habit - Moving On

Moving on past the mess. “It’s a messy Monday. Piano books in the floor. Paint and Popsicle in the sink. Stacks of laundry. Crumbs on the floor. Play dough on the table. All evidence of homeschooling five and regular sorts of stuff. Pausing to be grateful before rallying the troops for clean up.”

Exiting the preschool hall

Moving out of preschool. We started the week with the promotion of our youngest child out of the preschool department at church. After 17 years, the Hodgepodge has left the preschool hall. This is big, folks.


Moving out of a cast! Yes, those four weeks have flown by and now – freedom! (Roller skating accident.)


Headphones help with homeschool Teaching Textbooks

Moving on in math. Headphones surely do help with lots of subjects going on with lots of ages. And my younger two are loving their math – 1st grade Saxon and 3rd grade Teaching Textbooks.

Apologia Exploring Creation Land Animals of the Sixth Day Moving on and adding more elementary subjects like science with Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology: Land Animals of the Sixth Day. The elementary Jr. Notebooking journals are a hit again this year. ( <— You can view the Table of Contents and see a sample of the notebooking journal at this link.)

Apologia General Science Moving on in middle school with Exploring Creation with General Science. Oh how we love the notebooking journals (view samples) – they especially build independence in the middle school years with questions and prompts for experiments and recording observations. Experiments drew a crowd of siblings :)

Constitutional Literacy DVD Series Contents

Moving on to snacks with subjects. “Popcorn is good for when you are watching things, like Constitutional Literacy.”  ~ Eldest Girl. Thanks, Apologia, for your fabulous #ConLit curriculum. (Constitutional Literacy Review and giveaway at The Curriculum Choice next week!) We are so very impressed with this course! “The history you never knew. The training you need to reclaim liberty.”

Savoring Summer

Moving on to fall? Nope! Still savoring summer too!
And I shared some about our summer in my Explore Georgia series: Waterfalls to Visit in Georgia, Homeschool Days at Atlanta History Center, Civil War Field Trips, St. Simons Island in 48 Hrs, St. Simons Island Historic Sites to See and Georgia Sea Turtle Center.


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Weekly Wrap-Up


I thought I could… I thought I could… I thought I could… How are you moving on in your homeschool?


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    Christi Evangelo says

    I just love taking a peek into your homeschool day! I am looking into trying Apologia. My oldest is in 2nd though. Did you start with zoology? They recommend Astronomy but I think she’d love animal studies so much more 😉

    • 4


      Christi – We did start with zoology. And I feel like when you begin in a spot a child is passionate about – then you have the best start. Go for it! However, I will say… I did not start any formal science with mine until 3rd grade. We did nature studies and walks , checked out books from the library they were interested. So I might do that this year and see what your oldest is interested in most by next summer.

  2. 5


    What a great ‘moving on’ week Tricia! So glad your girl is out of her cast. I know she is glad too! Headphones are a life saver even with just ONE! :) We loved all things Apologia so much. And I love how the Constitutional Literacy looks! I am not familiar with that. Can’t wait to see all the great things this school year brings you and your family!
    Karen recently posted..The 1st 2 Weeks of HIGH School….My Profile

  3. 11


    Yes, we have been “moving on”, as well, and I can relate to The Little Train That Could! Headphones have been helpful for both of my children for math time, too. They enjoy listening to music while working on math and I think it helps them not to distract each other! :)
    Rachel T. recently posted..Collage Friday, August 29, 2014My Profile

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