Homeschool Omnibus – A Hodgepodge of Help for You!

Today you can get an amazing hodgepodge of homeschool help – Homeschool Omnibus 2014!


~The affiliate links included are for resources we absolutely love and truly depend on. Because Hodgepodge ebooks are included in the Homeschool Omnibus, if you purchase through our affiliate link, we will receive a percentage of the sale. Thank you for supporting Hodgepodge! Please see our disclosure policy.


Homeschool Omnibus eBooks, calendar pages and more – pictured about stored in iBooks. (We had purchased Sensational Sharks and Presidential Penmanship prior to Omnibus).

Storing Omnibus ebooks in iBooks

Oh there are SO many eBooks with Homeschool Omnibus! 83 in fact! I was discussing with my husband where to put all these ebooks so I can easily access them throughout our homeschool year. He suggested iBooks. With iBooks I can access all my ebooks from my laptop, my phone or any other Apple device. Plus the children can pull up the ebooks on the family iPad!

Last year we found it was great to all be in the family room together and using AirPlay – to display a YouTube video or the pages of an ebook on the TV. Saved me from having to print so much – and all our ages were learning together. We plan to make big use of this again this homeschool year.


What eBooks will we be using most from the Omnibus bundle?

  • Essential Chefs: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Essential Oils in Your Kitchen: and I am a true beginner having just started to learn about my essential oils and seeing the benefits.
  • Gloria: A Christmas Hymns Study: I sure do love the hymns and this will be so nice during the Christmas season.
  • Blog Planner: for me!
  • Thank You Notes for Kids: Oh how timely these are! We just finished a birthday party for one of our children and the rest are finishing up the school year at church – printable thank you notes for handwriting practice and practicing gratitude!
  • Simply Homeschool: Have Less Fluff and Bear More Fruit – oh this is my heart!
  • Homeschooling High School: Ten Steps to the Finish Line: great timing for us with Eldest Girl on her last two years and her brother right behind her!
  • Bible Writer: to change up our regular handwriting and memorize Bible verses too.
  • Fruit of the Spirit: Penmanship printables.
  • and many, many more as I browse them more!

Help I'm Homeschooling 250

eBooks from Hodgepodge included in Omnibus

  • Help! I’m Homeschooling! – seasoned homeschool advice. For over a dozen years we’ve turned to our habits as the ‘bones’ of our day. Our habits help us accomplish a basic school day and get food on the table. With babies, toddlers, stacks of school books, hungry mouths and now towering teens, these are the basic routes I’ve discovered for seeing results.
  • Chalk Pastels Art at the Beach – starfish, sand bucket, sand castle, sea turtle, clown fish and more.
  • A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels – acorn, pumpkin patch, caramel apple, little owl in the tree, turkey and a bonus apple or pumpkin!


Get Homeschool Omnibus

Head over to the Homeschool Omnibus website to view the entire list of 83 books and 24 MP3s! Please see the FAQ page for any questions you might have on downloading the books and more. This sale is managed by iHomeschool Network and you can contact the via their contact page here.


Important Omnibus Information

  • The deadline for refunds is September 5. Positively no refunds will be given if the file host shows that you have downloaded any files.
  •  The ebooks will only be available until September 25, please do not delay in downloading them. See the FAQ ( or contact iHomeschool Network ( for more information.
  •  DVDs can be purchased for $8 until September 20.


Buy Homeschool Omnibus Now – and Happy Homeschooling!

A digital stockpile of books to carry you through the school year with encouragement and practical how tos!


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