Chalk Pastels: Less is More

Chalk Pastels - Less is More - You ARE an Artist

Today we are going to paint a very simple scene but with a new technique. It will be a “less is more” technique. Once you get the idea, you can use it again and again with other scenes! We are not going to DRAW clouds, but use our pastels AROUND the clouds to make cloud shapes. Turn your paper vertically. You will need the following

Chalk Pastels: What is the difference?

Chalk Pastels - What is the Difference?

A reader asked: Can you, or Nana, explain the difference between chalk, soft, and hard pastels to me? I’m wanting to buy some more to expand our collection but I want to make sure that I’m buying the correct thing. Thanks! And Nana explains: Keep in mind that you should purchase the lowest cost pastels in any form.  Do this to see if you like

How to Make a Wagon Garden

How to Make a Wagon Garden

Somethin’ Different…. Ok, ok, I know that the following tutorial is NOT about pastel painting but it is summer time and it is time for a different type of fun project. So, this is a great backyard tutorial on how to make a wagon garden! Now this garden can be made in just about any sort or size of container (see more examples, below). This

Summer Sea Acrylic Art Tutorial

Summer Sea Acrylic Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist

This summer sea acrylic art painting is SO MUCH FUN! During a long afternoon at my house a few of the grandchildren wandered in to see what I was painting with the “forever paint.” This is what one of the youngest calls acrylic paint, because it is permanent and will dry and not brush off like pastels. I had seen several impressionistic paintings for sale

Summer Flip Flops Chalk Art Tutorial

Summer Flip Flops Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist

Hooray! It is just about summertime! Almost everyone is out of school and it is time to go to the lake or the beach…wherever there is sand and water!  And the favorite shoes are an old favorite: Summer Flip Flops! ~ Don’t miss the summer chalk pastel special at the end of this post! This pastel is very simple and fast for you to finish. 

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