Tangled Lanterns Art Tutorial – I See the Light

Tangled Lanterns Art Tutorial - I See the Light

This art tutorial is a tribute to the wonderful movie, Tangled. I think that the lanterns that Rapunzel saw for so many years from her tower are just so beautiful! Of course she finally got to see the lanterns in person with Flynn Rider! And some chalk pastel art of the Tangled lanterns is such […]

Chalk Pastel Snowman Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Snowman in Chalk Pastels

Down here in the south, we don’t have much of a chance to build a snowman because we don’t get much – if any – snow during the winter. So, in honor of our friends up north, who we understand are overly blessed with snow – we offer this simple chalk pastel snowman art tutorial. […]

Cardinals in Snow Chalk Art Tutorial

Cardinals in the Snow Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist!

I fell in love with the wonderful cardinal in snow painting that was posted on Pinterest by Runde’s Room art students and decided to translate it into a chalk pastel painting for you! These cardinals are so bright red, set against a background sky of aqua and blue…they are looking directly at the viewer (you!) […]

Lemon Chalk Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Lemon in Chalk Pastels

A lemon is just so refreshing! So we thought that a lemon chalk art tutorial would be a wonderful thing to enjoy here at the start of a new year. Now a lemon is a fairly simple shape. You can sketch a whole lemon or a lemon slice. We did both. This tutorial is wide […]

You Are An Artist: What’s Under Your Christmas Tree?

How to Draw Presents Under the Tree in Chalk Pastels

What’s under your Christmas tree? No, I am not the elf on the shelf spying at your gifts under the tree! I thought that this would be fun for all of you artists to paint a picture of YOUR Christmas tree (well, the bottom branches) and all of the secrets packaged in bright colored boxes […]

You ARE An Artist: What’s On Your Thanksgiving Table?

You ARE An Artist! Paint What is on Your Thanksgiving Table at Hodgepodge

What’s on your Thanksgiving Table? Thanksgiving is just around the bend, or shall I say, “Over the river and through the woods”…so I thought that we might indulge and paint what would be part of your Thanksgiving feast! On our table: Down in the southern states, where we are from, we have “Dressin’”, not ever, […]

Football Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Football Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial at Hodgepodge

For the Super Bowl, for football season, for celebrating tossing a ball in the backyard, we bring you… a chalk pastel football lesson! Colors needed: You will need red-brown, black, orange and bright red, and yellow pastel colors. Take a small piece of black pastel and draw good-sized curve on your paper. Attach another curve […]

Lavender Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Lavender Chalk Pastel Art at Hodgepodge

This is a different pastel painting that I bring to you today…it has very few colors, yet the colors are brilliant and bright.  The Uinta Mountains are in the state of Utah, far away from our home in the southeastern part of our country…but some of the family lived there for years and I have […]

Avenue of Oaks Chalk Art Tutorial

St. Simons Island - Avenue of Oaks

During this lesson, you will be able to visit a famous site on St. Simons Island, Georgia. For those of you that have never visited this barrier island off the coast, it is one of those dreamy, slow, humid places that are famous in Southern novels. You could pretend that this path or avenue leads […]

Bruce of Finding Nemo Chalk Art Tutorial

Bruce the Shark Chalk Art Tutorial

In honor of Shark Week I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring one of the most terrifying and funny characters from Finding Nemo as your pastel tutorial. Bruce the Shark really wants to be a friend, but has an appetite for any fish (or unlucky diver) in the area! “Here’s Brucieeee!” You will need […]

How To Draw A Garden Spider With Chalk Pastels

How to Draw a Garden Spider With Chalk Pastels

A new video art tutorial – how to draw a garden spider with chalk pastels! This tutorial was inspired by the garden spider and the web she built right out the Hodgepodge family room window. This is not the first time a garden spider chose to build her web within view.  And so, the grandchildren […]

How to Train Your Dragon Art Tutorial

How to Train Your Dragon Art Tutorial at Hodgepodge

Today we are going to paint an awesome dragon. A How to Train Your Dragon art tutorial with Toothless! Toothless is a Night Fury dragon, and has a strong, sleek body that is black as night, and his eyes glow in the dark just like a cat’s eyes. He has massive, strong wings that carry […]

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