Top Hodgepodge Recipes for Feeding the Family

Top Easy Recipes for Feeding the Family at Hodgepodge

It is THE time of year for slow cooking. For simple recipes. We all need to get back in a routine so there is not much time for cooking meals. And with cooler weather we are often craving some comfort food at our house. So I have put together a round up of the top […]

Apple or Pumpkin Art Tutorials and Resources

Apple or Pumpkin Chalk Pastel Tutorial

Last week we went on an apple, pumpkin and waterfall tour to enjoy the fall leaves and get some apples and pumpkins! So, I thought you might be needing to follow up a trip to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch with some art tutorials too! First, apples… Apple Art and Resources Apples straight from […]

Healthy Mama: Why I Quit Coffee After All These Years

Healthy Mama - Why I Quit Coffee

I love coffee. Back when I was a teenager I must have had a hard time getting going for school in the mornings. Because I still remember that morning my mama brought me my first cup of coffee – complete with cream and sugar. I’ve been drinking coffee ever since that morning I was 15. […]

Healthy Mama: Guide to Getting Started Gluten Free

Healthy Mama Guide to Getting Started Gluten Free - Part 2 of a series at

You will find all kinds of advice on gluten free living out there in the world. And, as I said in Healthy Mama: Gluten Free Living, I am not a dietician. I am simply thrilled with the freedom I’ve found living and eating gluten free. So, today I share with you the resources I turned […]

Healthy Mama Hodgepodge: Gluten Free Living

Hodgepodge Healthy Mama

Quite sporadically I have shared the blessings and successes of health and diet adjustments at Hodgepodge. You likely know about the allergy challenges we face with our children. But now that it’s been eight months of a diet change, I thought I’d share the triumphs in healthy living for me – the mama. Over the […]

Allergy-Friendly Favorites in the Family Fridge

Allergy-Friendly Favorites in the Family Fridge

Today I’m sharing a peek inside my fridge. Fingerprints from small people and all. The favorites that are always on the Evernote grocery list. Would you like a bite to eat? How about some… SunButter  – Yum! and lots of it (yes, that is 10 lbs tucked in the fridge door for easy access! We truly […]

10 Go-To Recipes That Make My Life Easy

10 Go-To Recipes That Make My Life Easy at

As a homeschool mama, I have to be on my toes to get my family of seven fed. I like to fill their tummies with good things yet my recipes must be practical and simple. You too?? I contribute recipes monthly to two sites. Recipes for the larger family at $5 Dinners and egg and […]

Guide to Getting Started with Egg and Nut Allergies

Simple Start Guide to Egg and Nut Allergies at Hodgepodge

Maybe it’s because I am in allergy-friendly circles but more and more I’m getting questions. Questions like: “My child was just diagnosed with both egg and nut allergies. We have to avoid eggs plus peanuts and all kinds of nuts. What do I do?” So today I am sharing a simple guide I emailed to […]

10 + Hodgepodge Pantry Staples and Our Basic Meal Plan

Frugal Pantry Staples at Hodgepodge

My friend Heidi posted on our Hodgepodge Facebook page: “I would love to see a post about things you consider staples in your kitchen…things you always have on hand to make it easier to keep the Hodgepodge bellies filled.” I’m glad she asked! Because she is right. We do keep basics on hand to make […]

Easy Stromboli and Other Simple Recipes

Tricia's Easy Stromboli Recipe

Busy weeknights, simple lunch time, a favorite for all time. My friend Kim’s stromboli recipe is an easy way to fill tummies. I usually keep it simple with shredded cheese and turkey pepperoni for filling. But you can make it heartier with lunch meat like Kim does. Easy stromboli recipe at $5 Dinners. A few […]

Duct Tape Epipen Bag and Allergy Awareness Prep

Duct Tape epipen bag

Allergy Awareness and Back to School Each year about this time I make an allergy awareness assessment for my children. Here are a few things I do to prep for the new school year: Check epipen expiration dates. Renew prescription if needed. Make allergy check up appointments. Update the allergy plan paper kept in each […]

Southern Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake Recipe {5 Fun Coke Ideas}

Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

Today I’m sharing the latest Coca-Cola happiness around here. A recipe and more! Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake Recipe (Allergy-Friendly) I’ve heard of this southern phenomenon. It was time we tried it. We used the Chocolate Coca-Cola recipe from My Recipes and mixed in our favorite egg substitute to make it allergy friendly. I served it after […]