Kids in the Kitchen at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Kids in the Kitchen at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Welcome to the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party! This week we are featuring pins for kids in the kitchen and more. Enjoy, and please do stop back by each week! –> Follow my Cooking Fun with Children Pinterest board! I have the privilege of co-hosting the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party each week with these wonderful ladies: […]

Creative Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Lunch

Creative Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Lunch at Hodgepodge

Lunch. Homeschool lunch. Is it that time already?? I am always needing inspiration. So I have been searching and browsing and I have found some really creative Pinterest boards for homeschool lunch! There’s really no reason why we can’t do an edible cell for lunch or a human skeleton made out of veggies. And many […]

10 Go-To Recipes That Make My Life Easy

10 Go-To Recipes That Make My Life Easy at

As a homeschool mama, I have to be on my toes to get my family of seven fed. I like to fill their tummies with good things yet my recipes must be practical and simple. You too?? I contribute recipes monthly to two sites. Recipes for the larger family at $5 Dinners and egg and […]

Southern Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake Recipe {5 Fun Coke Ideas}

Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

Today I’m sharing the latest Coca-Cola happiness around here. A recipe and more! Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake Recipe (Allergy-Friendly) I’ve heard of this southern phenomenon. It was time we tried it. We used the Chocolate Coca-Cola recipe from My Recipes and mixed in our favorite egg substitute to make it allergy friendly. I served it after […]

S’moreos and S’more Really Great Cookie Recipes

Smoreos best friends

S’mores are summer. Summer is s’mores. Add in Oreos and it’s even more. Even more of a special treat. And you can treat even more. Translation: S’moreos last longer than traditional s’mores in our larger family. Don’t miss the delicious fun at $5 Dinners. Click over to S’moreos. In celebration of cookies, here are a […]

Recipes for Great American Backyard Campout

Camping recipes

I am so excited to be participating in a wonderful link up all about the upcoming Great American Backyard Campout this Saturday, June 23rd. Today’s participants will encourage you in many ways. Be sure to visit all the sites listed at the end of this post to inspire you to have fun camping with your […]

Christmas Favorites

Christmas sugar cookies

I found myself looking through my archives for some Christmas favorites. So, I thought it would be good to place them all in a nice little spot. Favorites like recipes we use often in December, advent resources and holiday and winter art. He appeared and the soul felt its worth… From all three Hodgepodge categories […]

Reindeer Mix a.k.a. White Christmas Snack

White Christmas Snack Recipe at Hodgepodge

Always a holiday favorite is Reindeer Mix, a.k.a. White Christmas Snack. It’s an easy solution for parties, teacher or neighbor gifts or a nice little something to tuck in the mailbox for your mail carrier. It’s very simple. You might even have the ingredients on hand. Just melt the white chocolate bark and pour it […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Hot Chocolate Mix Gifts


Frugal fun in the kitchen. Just four ingredients. Plus one or more children equal a fun time making hot chocolate mix for gifts. Mixing up lots of fun at $5 Dinners today!

Chocolate SunButter Rice Krispy Treats


A while back, there was a little bakery that sold peanut butter Rice Krispy treats. Now just that is a treat itself. Even at $1 a piece. The topper was – those krispy treats were topped with chocolate! So, the children and I set out to recreate this specialty with our favorite SunButter. We simply […]

SunButter No Bake Cookie Bites


Another peanut butter recipe from Southern Plate turned SunButter recipe for Hodgepodge! No bake with yummy ingredients. And yet another afternoon of cooking fun. Mixing and stirring! A great way to get oatmeal in these children. Anything with SunButter! Click over to Southern Plate for the recipe: Peanut Butter No Bake Cookie Bites and just […]

Crunchy SunButter Plus Apple ‘Sandwich’ Recipe


We go through some SunButter in our household. Our typical order is two 5 lb. buckets each month. However, this time we thought we’d give Crunchy SunButter, available in 1 lb jars, a try. We’d been wanting to. And so, we placed an order for six 1 lb jars of crunchy. Crunchy SunButter made our […]