SunButter No-Bake Energy Bites

SunButter No Bake Energy Bites

Ah, Pinterest. A wealth of inspiration. Like these wonderful No-Bake Energy Bites. Adapted for our allergy-friendly needs with our favorite SunButter. Yum. Yum. Yum. Easy for children to mix up for a little cooking fun. Delicious with ground flax seed, coconut, honey, oatmeal, chocolate chips and SunButter. But simply not enough for us! Next time […]

Melted Cheese


I learned how to eat this yummy snack when I couldn’t eat wheat. I’m glad I can have gluten now. But I still LOVE this! Nana said she used to have it for breakfast when she was a little girl. I eat it for breakfast sometimes. But mostly for an afternoon snack. : Melted Cheese […]

Smoothies: More on Slow Cooker Yogurt


The essence of summer – peaches. Smoothies made with our homemade yogurt. I have timed it the last several times I’ve made the yogurt so that it will be our breakfast the next day. Oh how slow cooker yogurt has changed our lives! Smoothies! Just pour your fresh yogurt into your blender. Add your choice […]

Homemade Pickles: Cooking Fun


Got cucumbers? Nana did! She was given a whole bunch of cucumbers. And guess what we did? We made pickles from the Duggar family recipe like we have done before. It goes like this. We rinsed the cucumbers. We got to rinse the jars. We unwrapped the garlic. I loved the way it smelled. Nana […]

Slow Cooker Yogurt: Frugal Living


I’d read about this phenomenon. I’d bookmarked the post. I’d been meaning to do this for what seems a really long time. Why I didn’t until now? I’ll forever live with the regret. I had the recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking up on my laptop, following along yesterday. But it is really simple. […]

Chicken Packets: Simple Supper


About ten years ago I was diligent about once a month cooking. It’s a wonderful strategy. So, from my cooking past I’m sharing one of our favorites. Chicken packets. The recipe includes cream cheese. My children clap when they find out it is what we are having for supper. All you do is open two […]

A Month of Cooking Fun


Keeping up the Friday habit of sharing a helpful habit. Today, Cooking Fun! What is cooking fun? It’s simply the habit of letting the children have fun making something easy in the kitchen. We keep a Cook Box stocked with simple cake mixes and ingredients to make it even easier. Since we are eating out […]

Puffle Party: Cooking Fun


Several of the children really have fun with the free site, Club Penguin. “Waddle around and meet new friends.” They have each created a penguin for free and decorated an igloo for their penguins. They have pet puffles. Of course, you can pay a fee for a membership. Then your penguin can enjoy special clothes, […]

Microwave SunButter® Fudge

Microwave SunButter Fudge

We needed a SunButter treat. So my Mama and I looked at the SunButter site. We picked SunButter Fudge because we had all the ingredients. And guess what? We decided to make it in the microwave!! The recipe said to make it in a sauce pan. Here’s what we did: It was really easy! Mama […]

Cookies & Cream at $5 Dinners

cookies and cream

No bake. Three ingredients. Guaranteed hit. Plus, it is so much fun for children to make! All I have to do is get the ingredients out and instantly there appear volunteers from the audience. Dressed the part even! Chef hat and all. The children are cooking up some frugal fun over at $5 Dinners today […]

Oreo® Truffles


Just three ingredients. Oreo® cookies, cream cheese and melted chocolate morsels. Three steps to yum. Mixing them up over at Habits for a Happy Home today…

French Bread Pizza: Frugal Living Fun

french bread pizza recipe

Back a decade ago I used to make french bread pizzas all the time. Got into the habit with Once a Month Cooking. Then I got out of the habit. But then Erin at $5 Dinners reminded me in her post, Pizza Loaves, Flashback to 1989. See, we have pizza most every Friday night. And, […]