5 Ways to Weave Hymns into Your Days

5 Ways to Weave Hymns into Your Days

I’ve always loved the old hymns. Like many, I was fortunate to be raised on them. They are a part of me. But for quite a while now, I’ve made sure I spend part of my morning quiet time flipping through that hymnal. Pausing on a favorite. Remembering the chorus of another. Each hymn holds […]

A Clean Slate – Planning and Dreaming for the New Year

A New Slate - Planning and Dreaming for the New Year www.hodgepodge.me

In my time with family over Christmas and in these days leading up to the new year, I have been reflecting. Reflecting on God’s goodness. His constant provision. His direction and love over our family, our homeschool. We sat down as a family this past weekend. We dreamed, we planned, we talked. Some specific goals, […]

What is Dew Learning?


“With Jesus Christ at the center, our aim is to shape both minds and hearts in his image.” ~This is a sponsored post. See full disclosure policy for more details~ The iPad is a homeschooling tool in our home in many ways. We use apps to supplement and enrich various subjects. Not long ago, my […]

The Bowl

Cherishing Generations

She brought it on a Sunday filled with homemade mashed potatoes. I admired the yellow bowl. So she gave it to me. Nana gave me my grandmother’s bowl. A yellow Pyrex bowl she’d found in the old shed on the farm. My grandfather had likely taken it out there to hold something. Probably something he […]

Five Apps for Heavenly Habits

5 Heavenly Apps at Habits for a Happy Home

Technology can definitely be used to build heavenly habits. Today, at Habits for a Happy Home, I’m sharing five of my favorite heavenly apps. Won’t you join me? Five Apps for Heavenly Habits…

How to Savor Parenting: Three Steps

The You Are Special Plate

Following is something I shared when I spoke with fellow moms at a local homeschool group last week. Today, I share it at Passionate Purposeful Parenting… Being a parent is hard. We face the task of raising little ones, pre-teens or young adults – or all three in my case! We search for answers to […]

Trust Him – Passionate Purposeful Parenting

Daddy Destinations

I grew up in Southern California. One of our favorite summer Saturday outings as a family was to visit one of the many large regional parks in Orange County. One Saturday morning while I was in middle school, my dad called all of us children together and asked a question: “Would you like to go […]

Simple Comforts for Sickness

Simple Comforts for Sickness at Hodgepodge

It’s just about a given that when you have five children in the house and participate in multiple events that you will have some sickness. Well, we’ve been socked pretty hard the last couple of weeks. Sickness spaced out just right, several doctor visits and gallons of Gatorade. So I thought I’d gather a few, […]

The Joy of My Salvation

The Joy of My Salvation

“I’m sad my baptism is over,” she says as she comes in from the backyard. “Oh sweet girl,” I answer. “It was a day you will always remember. But guess what? You have so much to look forward to. This is only the beginning. You will always be growing as a Christian and learning more […]

An attitude of anticipation

Anticipate the Great

“I predicted yesterday that today would be great. My estimate was correct.” ~ Littlest Girl A weary Mama at the end of a very full day sure needed to hear that. And doesn’t He know just what we need? Maybe I should always anticipate the great, count all the good. The daily gifts… A link […]

10 Habits for the Family Table

10 Habits for Around the Family Table

I’ve been thinking about this habit of family gathered for a meal. And, as I thought on it I remembered several helpful posts from our authors. The incredible gift of the ordinary! Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life. ~ Macrina Wiederkehr Join me at Habits for a Happy Home for 10 Habits […]

Wisdom for Every Day

How to Get Wisdom for Every Day

We are smack dab in the middle of the morning when he asks. He’s looking far away, out the window. “When will God come to town?” It’s these moments of parenting. Seizing opportunities to teach in the every day. These moments are the most fruitful. You can plan days full of learning, buy stacks of […]