Healthy Mama Hodgepodge: Gluten Free Living

Hodgepodge Healthy Mama

Quite sporadically I have shared the blessings and successes of health and diet adjustments at Hodgepodge. You likely know about the allergy challenges we face with our children. But now that it’s been eight months of a diet change, I thought I’d share the triumphs in healthy living for me – the mama. Over the […]

A Clean Slate – Planning and Dreaming for the New Year

A New Slate - Planning and Dreaming for the New Year

In my time with family over Christmas and in these days leading up to the new year, I have been reflecting. Reflecting on God’s goodness. His constant provision. His direction and love over our family, our homeschool. We sat down as a family this past weekend. We dreamed, we planned, we talked. Some specific goals, […]

Habits for the Heart of Homeschooling – Helps for You!


~ Don’t miss the giveaway of our Help for Homeschool Bundle at the end! ~ You are invited! Friends, The Heart of the Matter is having an absolutely FREE fall conference tonight and tomorrow night. There is a wonderful line up of encouraging homeschool mentors. Read all about it here –> Heart of the Matter […]

Imperfect Homeschool: Drama and Trauma

Imperfect Homeschool- Drama and Trauma All The Time

“Your homeschool looks so peaceful.” “Wow, I wish I was as organized as you.” “Well, you have experience with teaching an age-range of children, I could never accomplish as much as you do.” Every now and then when I share our weekly homeschool wrap ups or an art tutorial, I will get a comment like […]

The Christian Parenting Handbook


So we’ve shared a You Can Be An Artist series for the past 10 days. And today we are sharing another passion. It’s a Hodgepodge, right? We are switching gears because I needed you to know about a fabulous parenting resource. Be sure to read through everything below because there is not only a mega […]

Five Apps for Heavenly Habits

5 Heavenly Apps at Habits for a Happy Home

Technology can definitely be used to build heavenly habits. Today, at Habits for a Happy Home, I’m sharing five of my favorite heavenly apps. Won’t you join me? Five Apps for Heavenly Habits…

BEECH Retreat: How to Continue the Conference Learning

BEECH Retreat - How to Continue Blog Conference Learning

I left the BEECH Retreat 48 hours ago, turning north off of Captiva Island, FL to head home. My fellow blogging friend, Mary of Homegrown Learners and I rode the 11 hour trip back to Georgia together. The long trip gave us focused time to talk about all we had learned. To share how we […]

10 Helps for Building Habits

Help for Building Habits at Habits for a Happy Home

January is the month so many are working on, hoping to and longing to establish new habits. So, here we are at the end of January. How are you doing? You may be wondering how do you make habits stick? Today, over at Habits for a Happy Home I am sharing all the best – […]

Trust Him – Passionate Purposeful Parenting

Daddy Destinations

I grew up in Southern California. One of our favorite summer Saturday outings as a family was to visit one of the many large regional parks in Orange County. One Saturday morning while I was in middle school, my dad called all of us children together and asked a question: “Would you like to go […]

10 Habits for the Family Table

10 Habits for Around the Family Table

I’ve been thinking about this habit of family gathered for a meal. And, as I thought on it I remembered several helpful posts from our authors. The incredible gift of the ordinary! Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life. ~ Macrina Wiederkehr Join me at Habits for a Happy Home for 10 Habits […]

How Morning Room Time Builds Learning Skills for Later

How Morning Room Time Builds Important Skills for Later

My two youngest children have outgrown our long-time homeschool habit of morning room time. Today I am sharing the benefits of this habit I’ve seen in all my children. But first, a short recap to answer, What is Morning Room Time? What About the Little Ones? …Morning Room Time. This is when the two younger […]

Ten Parts of the Hodgepodge Homeschool Schedule

10 Parts of Our Homeschool Schedule at Hodgepodge

A dear reader asked the question: Have you posted somewhere your schedule? Her question made me realize I have shared many of our homeschool habits here and there – even in a gigantic list. However, I’ve never typed out our basic school schedule, or order. Today’s 10 in 10 theme is 10 Things You Should […]