The Habit of Rest

the habit of rest

Just rest, Mama. The Lord has been reminding me that rest is what I need. He’s been reminding me of the habit of rest. His habit of rest. He’s been telling me for several weeks. Step back and rest. –> Step out of the urgent into the quiet, out of your regular spot. Look to the source of strength. (Luke 4: 42-43) But, I must

Essential Oils Diffuser Necklaces

be mine

With our love of essential oils comes a growing love for Sacred Arrow essential oils diffuser necklaces. Not only are the diffuser necklaces beautiful but they are practical. Oh how wonderful it is to have a trio of lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils around my neck – oils that I can breathe at any time – especially with all the tree pollens here in

Essential Oils the Frugal Way

Essential Oils the Frugal Way at Hodgepodge

One question I get quite often these days with Young Living essential oils – and one I faced myself when first learning about essential oils is: How do you enjoy essential oils the frugal way? I will share with you the many ways we have made essential oils work on a budget – in a family of seven. In fact, we have actually saved money using

5 Ways to Weave Hymns into Your Days

5 Ways to Weave Hymns into Your Days

I’ve always loved the old hymns. Like many, I was fortunate to be raised on them. They are a part of me. But for quite a while now, I’ve made sure I spend part of my morning quiet time flipping through that hymnal. Pausing on a favorite. Remembering the chorus of another. Each hymn holds such wonderful truth. Most hymns have the ability to transport

Essential Oils on the Go – My Favorite Helps

Essential Oils on the Go - Favorite Resources

In my time using essential oils for myself and my family, I have discovered a few helps for essential oils on the go. These oils have been a tool in my Healthy Mama journey and another step towards overall health. And it is such a blessing to have essential oils at my fingertips – wherever my family and I go! I know you will love