Essential Oils Diffuser Necklaces

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With our love of essential oils comes a growing love for Sacred Arrow essential oils diffuser necklaces. Not only are the diffuser necklaces beautiful but they are practical. Oh how wonderful it is to have a trio of lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils around my neck – oils that I can breathe at any […]

Essential Oils the Frugal Way

Essential Oils the Frugal Way at Hodgepodge

One question I get quite often these days with Young Living essential oils – and one I faced myself when first learning about essential oils is: How do you enjoy essential oils the frugal way? I will share with you the many ways we have made essential oils work on a budget – in a family […]

5 Ways to Weave Hymns into Your Days

5 Ways to Weave Hymns into Your Days

I’ve always loved the old hymns. Like many, I was fortunate to be raised on them. They are a part of me. But for quite a while now, I’ve made sure I spend part of my morning quiet time flipping through that hymnal. Pausing on a favorite. Remembering the chorus of another. Each hymn holds […]

Essential Oils on the Go – My Favorite Helps

Essential Oils on the Go - Favorite Resources

In my time using essential oils for myself and my family, I have discovered a few helps for essential oils on the go. These oils have been a tool in my Healthy Mama journey and another step towards overall health. And it is such a blessing to have essential oils at my fingertips – wherever […]

Chalkboard Chalk Art

Chalkboard Chalk Art - You ARE an Artist

Chalkboard chalk art is all the rage these days. We’ve long loved all things chalkboard. Our love of chalk and chalkboard goes back a long way. We have many chalkboards all over our house. Over the kitchen table, by the kitchen telephone, in the classroom, in the bathroom even. Then, over at Nana’s house, she […]

Successful Healthy Habits

5 Successful Healthy Habits

My 2014 has been marked with building successful healthy habits. I surely had several bumps along the way. Challenges that opened my eyes to another habit I needed to focus on. Yet another ‘layer’ to address. So, since this time of year is especially the time to reflect and to make changes and resolutions, I […]

100 Helpful Homeschool Habits

100+ Helpful Homeschool Habits at Hodgepodge

Helpful homeschool habits. Over the years with babies, toddlers, stacks of school books, hungry mouths and now towering teens, these are the basic routes I’ve discovered for seeing results. (And honestly, for keeping my sanity in that daily does of chaos with five children!) Over 100 helpful homeschool habits. In our over fourteen years of […]

100 Every Day Uses for Essential Oils

100 Every Day Uses for Essential Oils

Thanks to my friend, Jenny, we were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. And am I ever thankful! These oils have been a tool in my Healthy Mama journey and another step towards overall health. First, If you have questions, click over to learn How to Get Your Start in Young Living Essential Oils or […]

A Day in the Life with Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils Distributor Tricia Hodges

I have been on a journey. For decades. I guess it could also be called a search. And now I share with you a day in the life with essential oils. Because I just can’t keep quiet any more. Young Living Essential Oils are a tool on this health journey – a tool that has […]

Simplifying the Holidays at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Simplifying the Holidays at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Welcome to the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party! This week we are featuring resources for simplifying the holidays. Enjoy, and please do stop back by each week! —> Follow Habits for a Happy Home’s Holiday Habits Pinterest board!   I have the privilege of co-hosting the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party each week with these wonderful ladies: […]

Planning for Date Nights

Planning for Date Night

When it is just Wednesday and it has already been a full week. When the patience is tapped. Or the noise is a bit much. I start to think of date night. Date night is just a little bit of time away with my husband. A breath of fresh air. A new perspective. And a […]

Hodgepodge of Holiday Habits

Hodgepodge of Holiday Habits - practical and frugal!

That calendar turned to November, didn’t it? Yes, it surprised me even though I knew it was coming. So, I thought I’d pull out the hodgepodge of holiday habits. In hopes that one might inspire you. And also to remind myself as well. Feel free to pin this and come back to it later if […]