Homeschool Omnibus for You!

The Homeschool Omnibus from iHomeschool Networks always seems to come around at just the right time! This is the… What is the Homeschool Omnibus? Here are a few facts: – 124 total resources: 47 MP3s and 77 books – from 100 speakers/authors – for homeschoolers by homeschoolers – total value is $754 – cost is $25 (with $9 DVD add-on) – cost is just 3%

Download N Go One Year Set – Giveaway


What would you do with an entire year of Download N Go unit studies by Amanda Bennett? A whole year! Oh how exciting would that be? A year of creative learning stretching out before you and your children! Each study will take one to two weeks to complete, so you truly do have a year’s worth of curriculum. There are 34 titles – including the

The Habit of Rest

the habit of rest

Just rest, Mama. The Lord has been reminding me that rest is what I need. He’s been reminding me of the habit of rest. His habit of rest. He’s been telling me for several weeks. Step back and rest. –> Step out of the urgent into the quiet, out of your regular spot. Look to the source of strength. (Luke 4: 42-43) But, I must

Simple Planning at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Simple Planning at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Welcome to the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party! This week we are featuring pins for simple planning and more. Enjoy! –> Follow The Curriculum Choice’s Homeschool Planning and Scheduling Pinterest board! *Please note: I will be taking a break from the Pinning Party for a few weeks. But you can continue to link up with any of the ladies listed below! I’ll look forward to joining

Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

Hodgepodge Homeschool Curriculum Choices for All Ages

Last year I made a permanent spot for our homeschool curriculum choices at Hodgepodge. I wanted it to be easy for you to find our favorites and easy for me to share when I get a curriculum question (because we have such an age range and I share many reviews at The Curriculum Choice). I’ve spent some time updating each of the links below for