Spring Nature Study – Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Spring Nature Study at The Ultimate #Homeschool Pinning Party www.hodgepodge.me

Welcome to The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party! —> Follow my Nature + Science Pinterest board! What is the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party? *If you are a blogger this is a great way to share your content, increase your followers, and have your pins repinned! *If you are NOT a blogger this is a great party […]

Fall Homeschooling

Fall Homeschooling at www.hodgepodge.me

I think I hear about it much more often from others during spring. The beautiful weather, need-to-get-outside, distracted and can’t-get-school-work-done issue. But boy do we tend to have that at our house in the fall! In fact, some of our very best family memories are made in the fall. Those times we just take off […]

Garden Flower Study in Phone Photos

Garden Flower Study with Phone Photos

Our May was a bit of blur of celebratory times. And many an afternoon was rain-filled. But still we noticed the coming of summer as we brushed pass the hydrangea bushes by the front door. And because of all that rain we are bursting in green and growing things here in the south. Just this […]

Spring Nature Study with Multiple Ages

nature study with multiple ages

Warm sunshine on your back, leaves unfurling and marvelous moss and lichen? Yes, please. We enjoyed some signs of spring and nature study with all our ages this week. It went something like this… Have that nature prompt within sight, by the back door. So, as soon as the little black rain clouds move on […]

Hearts and Trees: Art, Handicrafts and Nature Study for Your Homeschool

Hearts and Trees Winter Fun Kit

Hearts and Trees brings happy times to our homeschool. Just the right, enriching activity that we seem to need at the time. Back when most were sick in the thick of winter, Middle Girl made this beautiful tissue paper star! It cheered us all. All the items you need with just a few you already […]

Florida Nature Studies

Florida Nature Study - with Barb-Harmony Art Mom

I love the beach. I enjoy bird watching. And I’ve learned so much about nature studies for our homeschool from Barb-Harmony Art Mom. So what a true gift it was to have each and every one of these things mixed together in one BEECH Retreat trip! Something deep in all of us yearns for God’s […]

Georgia Rocks Nature Study

Stone Mountain Park

We ventured out on a recent wintry afternoon in search of rocks in our own backyard. We didn’t find any right away. We did see a few, red clay covered lumps or stones. Monthly Outdoor Hour Challenges newsletter – a free download for Handbook of Nature Study subscribers. We had peeked at the nature study […]

How to Frame Your Days with Nature Study

How to Frame Your Days with Nature Study at Hodgepodge

Small spurts of outdoor time frame our days. It’s simple and works for us. “I just need to go outside and swing for a few minutes before I start my math.” “I finished my math, can I go outside for a few minutes?” If we notice something, we pause to take a look… “Oh, there’s […]

How to Enjoy the Season and Homeschool

How to Enjoy the Season and Homeschool at Hodgepodge

How to enjoy fall and homeschool? In spite of it all? Just a few, encouraging tips for you. Those I gathered and pondered while in the midst this week. Mostly just those common sense things I need to remind myself of. Yes, this fall there are wonderful trips you could take, field trips to make. […]

How Summer Nature Study Complements High School Biology

How Nature Study Compliments High School Biology Studies

The last days of summer have lingered here in the south as expected. Steamy, humid weather hung on after recent tropical gulf storms. Yet, even so, we’ve noticed the days growing shorter, a few leaves starting to fall. And just when we were getting eager for cooler weather… it came over the weekend with refreshing […]

Cultivating Curiosity with Nature Study

Cultivating Curiosity with Nature Study

“Mama, I need a towel because I did one of the nature prompts,” she calls through the cracked open back door. I look and her feet are covered in clay. I smile. “Make a little mud and walk through it in your bare feet.” ~ August Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletter Earlier I had printed the […]

The Marvel of the Butterfly Cycle

Caterpillar hatching by M.A. Teal

They eat leaves! ~ four-year-old They are so beautiful when they are caterpillars and when they are butterflies. ~ six-year-old I just love seeing how they live when they are a caterpillar, when they are a butterfly. I just love seeing their life cycle. Tiny, tiny caterpillars are so cute! ~ nine-year-old We’ve watched metamorphosis […]