Chalk Pastels: Less is More

Chalk Pastels - Less is More - You ARE an Artist

Today we are going to paint a very simple scene but with a new technique. It will be a “less is more” technique. Once you get the idea, you can use it again and again with other scenes! We are not going to DRAW clouds, but use our pastels AROUND the clouds to make cloud shapes. Turn your paper vertically. You will need the following

The Chalk Pastels We Love

The Type of Chalk Pastels We Love

Often when we share a chalk art tutorial, we get a question about the chalk pastels we love to use. Recently, a reader asked what chalk pastels we recommend when we shared one of our fun, time lapse tutorial videos on instagram. (Have you seen those? A tutorial in about 11 seconds!) ~ This post contains affiliate links to art supplies we adore. If you

Patriotic Chalk Art Tutorial – Celebrate Freedom

Free Patriotic Art and Music Lessons

In these days from Memorial Day leading up to Independence Day, we celebrate freedom! I often think of one of our national hymns, America the Beautiful. O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain… FREE Music and Art Lessons Music and art are the perfect combination for a patriotic celebration. You, too, can celebrate freedom with free patriotic chalk art and music lessons!

Summer Flip Flops Chalk Art Tutorial

Summer Flip Flops Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist

Hooray! It is just about summertime! Almost everyone is out of school and it is time to go to the lake or the beach…wherever there is sand and water!  And the favorite shoes are an old favorite: Summer Flip Flops! ~ Don’t miss the summer chalk pastel special at the end of this post! This pastel is very simple and fast for you to finish. 

Georgia Cotton Boll Chalk Art Tutorial

Cotton Boll Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist

The state of Georgia is ranked No. 2 in the nation in cotton production. In 2014, our farmers grew and produced 2.32 million bales of cotton and brought in $936 million in this heritage crop! So, a Georgia cotton boll chalk art tutorial is a fun way to enjoy some history, nature and some agriculture. Cotton does have a rich history in Georgia, as the