Azalea Video Chalk Art Tutorial

Azalea Chalk Art Tutorial

In honor of the Masters Golf tournament and all the blooming azaleas there in Augusta, Georgia (and beautiful azaleas in our own backyard), Nana offers you an Azalea Chalk Art Tutorial! Plus, don’t miss the special sale announcement at the end of this post! We have quite a range of ages in this video – […]

10 Things I Would Buy For Our Homeschool With $100

10 Things I Would Buy For Our Homeschool with $100 to Spend at Amazon

What would you do with $100 to spend on your homeschool at Amazon? I am sharing my choices for our Hodgepodge homeschool below. This was such fun to think and dream about! Plus, in celebration of my friend Mary Prather’s newly redesigned Homegrown Learners, we are giving away one (1) $100 Amazon gift card to […]

Easter Cross Chalk Art Tutorial

Easter Cross Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist!

This has turned out to be one of my favorite pastel paintings. It really isn’t hard and you will be able to paint a beautiful Easter cross chalk art painting that you can enjoy for years. Let’s get started! You will need the following pastel colors: dark brown, medium brown, bright orange, bright yellow, dark […]

Young Mr. Moon Chalk Art Tutorial

Young Mr. Moon Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist!

This is a pastel painting that I completely thought up myself. The young moon – instead of the Old Man in the Moon! Supplies: I used a medium brown construction paper and these pastel colors: light brown, white, black, light and dark blue. Start with your young moon – place him a little more than half-way up […]

Dump Truck Chalk Art Tutorial

Dump Truck Chalk Art Tutorial with Bonus Toy Bulldozer Video Demonstration

This pastel should make all of you who love your Tonkas and Caterpillar trucks very happy! We are going to paint a pastel – a big dump truck chalk art– and it is easy! ~ Don’t miss the special video demonstration of a toy bulldozer at the end! You will only need three chalk pastel […]

How Do I Get Free Subscriber-Only Art Tutorials?

Impressionism with Chalk Pastel Art - Monet's Bridge at

Did you know that we have FREE subscriber-only art tutorials? I have been receiving several emails lately about them. Yes, our loyal subscribers already have access to the exclusive tutorials listed below. What Are the Free Hodgepodge Subscriber-Exclusive Tutorials? Impressionism with Chalk Pastels: Monet’s Bridge Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue Baseball and Bat Summer Trees […]

Tangled Lanterns Art Tutorial – I See the Light

Tangled Lanterns Art Tutorial - I See the Light

This art tutorial is a tribute to the wonderful movie, Tangled. I think that the lanterns that Rapunzel saw for so many years from her tower are just so beautiful! Of course she finally got to see the lanterns in person with Flynn Rider! And some chalk pastel art of the Tangled lanterns is such […]

Chalk Pastel Snowman Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Snowman in Chalk Pastels

Down here in the south, we don’t have much of a chance to build a snowman because we don’t get much – if any – snow during the winter. So, in honor of our friends up north, who we understand are overly blessed with snow – we offer this simple chalk pastel snowman art tutorial. […]

Pan Pastels: How to Draw a Sky and Beach

Using Pan Pastels: How to Draw a Sky and Beach

We have recently discovered all that pan pastels can do. Specifically, how to draw a sky and a beach scene. Nana shares a video tutorial using pan pastels, below. Pan pastels are little ‘cups’ or pans of pure pigment. Just use a little sponge or your finger and spread the chalk color around. It is […]

Cardinals in Snow Chalk Art Tutorial

Cardinals in the Snow Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist!

I fell in love with the wonderful cardinal in snow painting that was posted on Pinterest by Runde’s Room art students and decided to translate it into a chalk pastel painting for you! These cardinals are so bright red, set against a background sky of aqua and blue…they are looking directly at the viewer (you!) […]

Organizing Art Projects with Pinterest Boards

Organizing Art Projects with Pinterest by Hodgepodgemom

If you love a wide swath of color right through the middle of your days like we do (or if you’d really like to mix just a touch of art in your days), what you need is art projects. We have them! But what makes it even easier is organizing art projects with Pinterest boards. […]

Lemon Chalk Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Lemon in Chalk Pastels

A lemon is just so refreshing! So we thought that a lemon chalk art tutorial would be a wonderful thing to enjoy here at the start of a new year. Now a lemon is a fairly simple shape. You can sketch a whole lemon or a lemon slice. We did both. This tutorial is wide […]