Chalk Pastel Techniques

Chalk Pastel Techniques for All Ages at Hodgepodge

Part of being an artist (and you are an artist!) is continuing to practice and learn. Today we share some chalk pastel techniques that we think are creative fun at its best! (And don’t miss a very special sale at the end – get our Fall Chalk Pastels ebook for FREE!) One of Nana’s latest […]

Football Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Football Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial at Hodgepodge

For the Super Bowl, for football season, for celebrating tossing a ball in the backyard, we bring you… a chalk pastel football lesson! Colors needed: You will need red-brown, black, orange and bright red, and yellow pastel colors. Take a small piece of black pastel and draw good-sized curve on your paper. Attach another curve […]

Lavender Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Lavender Chalk Pastel Art at Hodgepodge

This is a different pastel painting that I bring to you today…it has very few colors, yet the colors are brilliant and bright.  The Uinta Mountains are in the state of Utah, far away from our home in the southeastern part of our country…but some of the family lived there for years and I have […]

Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art – Free eBook

Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art 250

Have you wondered how in the world to get started in art? What about the world of chalk pastels? And why chalk pastels? Well, we thought if we put all our best tips in one place that would be a great start! So we created our FREE Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art eBook for […]

Free Fall Art Lessons for All Ages

Fall Art for All Ages - Free Tutorials at Hodgepodge

A few leaves are already starting to turn here in the south and that means it’s time to turn our attention to fall art! Pull out those fantastic reds, oranges, browns, yellows and greens. Don’t you love a fall palette? These colors make me so happy! I’ve put together a list of our best art […]

Avenue of Oaks Chalk Art Tutorial

St. Simons Island - Avenue of Oaks

During this lesson, you will be able to visit a famous site on St. Simons Island, Georgia. For those of you that have never visited this barrier island off the coast, it is one of those dreamy, slow, humid places that are famous in Southern novels. You could pretend that this path or avenue leads […]

Bruce of Finding Nemo Chalk Art Tutorial

Bruce the Shark Chalk Art Tutorial

In honor of Shark Week I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring one of the most terrifying and funny characters from Finding Nemo as your pastel tutorial. Bruce the Shark really wants to be a friend, but has an appetite for any fish (or unlucky diver) in the area! “Here’s Brucieeee!” You will need […]

How To Draw A Garden Spider With Chalk Pastels

How to Draw a Garden Spider With Chalk Pastels

A new video art tutorial – how to draw a garden spider with chalk pastels! This tutorial was inspired by the garden spider and the web she built right out the Hodgepodge family room window. This is not the first time a garden spider chose to build her web within view.  And so, the grandchildren […]

Seahorse VIDEO Tutorial – Free Summer Art Plans

Seahorse Chalk Pastel Tutorial

It’s time to make a seahorse gliding gracefully through the ocean with Nana’s video tutorial! Do you know about Harmony Art Mom’s Summer Art Plans? This is a special feature Barb-Harmony Art Mom is sharing this summer! And we at Hodgepodge have the privilege of sharing a free video seahorse chalk art tutorial at Harmony […]

How to Train Your Dragon Art Tutorial

How to Train Your Dragon Art Tutorial at Hodgepodge

Today we are going to paint an awesome dragon. A How to Train Your Dragon art tutorial with Toothless! Toothless is a Night Fury dragon, and has a strong, sleek body that is black as night, and his eyes glow in the dark just like a cat’s eyes. He has massive, strong wings that carry […]

Free Summer Art Lessons

Free Summer Art Lessons at Hodgepodge

Looking for free summer art lessons? We have several for you, so pull out the chalks or acrylics! It’s back by popular demand! Summer Trees acrylic art tutorial is a lesson in perspective. You can imagine lying on a soft forest floor of pine straw and looking up through the trees. We like to think […]

Celebrating the Art of Eric Carle

Hermit Crab Chalk Pastel #Art Tutorial

We have long loved books by Eric Carle! And we so appreciate the bright and wonderful artwork in each! So much so that we’ve enjoyed follow up art activities after reading them. We’ve shared a couple of art tutorials of some favorites here at Hodgepodge and invite you to enjoy them too! Eric Carle’s style […]