Chalk Pastel Snowman Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Snowman in Chalk Pastels

Down here in the south, we don’t have much of a chance to build a snowman because we don’t get much – if any – snow during the winter. So, in honor of our friends up north, who we understand are overly blessed with snow – we offer this simple chalk pastel snowman art tutorial. […]

Pan Pastels: How to Draw a Sky and Beach

Using Pan Pastels: How to Draw a Sky and Beach

We have recently discovered all that pan pastels can do. Specifically, how to draw a sky and a beach scene. Nana shares a video tutorial using pan pastels, below. Pan pastels are little ‘cups’ or pans of pure pigment. Just use a little sponge or your finger and spread the chalk color around. It is […]

Cardinals in Snow Chalk Art Tutorial

Cardinals in the Snow Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist!

I fell in love with the wonderful cardinal in snow painting that was posted on Pinterest by Runde’s Room art students and decided to translate it into a chalk pastel painting for you! These cardinals are so bright red, set against a background sky of aqua and blue…they are looking directly at the viewer (you!) […]

Organizing Art Projects with Pinterest Boards

Organizing Art Projects with Pinterest by Hodgepodgemom

If you love a wide swath of color right through the middle of your days like we do (or if you’d really like to mix just a touch of art in your days), what you need is art projects. We have them! But what makes it even easier is organizing art projects with Pinterest boards. […]

Lemon Chalk Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Lemon in Chalk Pastels

A lemon is just so refreshing! So we thought that a lemon chalk art tutorial would be a wonderful thing to enjoy here at the start of a new year. Now a lemon is a fairly simple shape. You can sketch a whole lemon or a lemon slice. We did both. This tutorial is wide […]

The Best of Hodgepodge 2014 – Your Favorites!

Top Hodgepodge Posts of 2014

I have been sharing a hodgepodge of YOUR favorites this last week. The posts at Hodgepodge you have read the most. In case you missed them, I have put them all in one handy spot at the bottom of this post. But these are your overall favorites from this year – Hodgepodge 2014. The TOP […]

Top Hodgepodge Art Lessons

Top Art Tutorials at Hodgepodge

Here at Hodgepodge we are passionate about reminding you that You ARE an Artist! And providing opportunities for doing art. Simple, frugal and fun tutorials. Art for ALL ages! So here are the top art lessons of 2014. 1. Free Fall Art Lessons for All Ages – Pull out those fantastic reds, oranges, browns, yellows […]

You Are An Artist: What’s Under Your Christmas Tree?

How to Draw Presents Under the Tree in Chalk Pastels

What’s under your Christmas tree? No, I am not the elf on the shelf spying at your gifts under the tree! I thought that this would be fun for all of you artists to paint a picture of YOUR Christmas tree (well, the bottom branches) and all of the secrets packaged in bright colored boxes […]

100+ Free Art Lessons for All Ages

100+ FREE Chalk Art Lessons - You ARE an Artist!

Here at Hodgepodge we are passionate about reminding you that You ARE an Artist! And in doing so, we’ve shared more than 100 Free Art Lessons for All Ages! Chalk pastel and acrylic art tutorials, all listed in alphabetical order… Would you like even more FREE art tutorials? Sign up in the subscribe box in […]

Penguins of Madagascar Art Tutorial

Penguins of Madagascar Chalk Art Tutorial at Hodgepodge

In honor of the latest DreamWorks animation film, Penguins of Madagascar, we thought we’d enjoy a chalk pastel painting! The penguins are such funny little characters and we had fun remembering quotes as we sketched. “Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.” We used these chalk pastels colors: black, orange, yellow and blue. Now […]

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Chalk Art

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Chalk Art - You Are An Artist at Hodgepodge!

It’s a tradition at our house to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving each year. You too? And in anticipation of doing just that we decided to search some images of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for artistic inspiration. There are many images to choose from – check it out for yourself.  YOU are the artist – so […]

You ARE An Artist: What’s On Your Thanksgiving Table?

You ARE An Artist! Paint What is on Your Thanksgiving Table at Hodgepodge

What’s on your Thanksgiving Table? Thanksgiving is just around the bend, or shall I say, “Over the river and through the woods”…so I thought that we might indulge and paint what would be part of your Thanksgiving feast! On our table: Down in the southern states, where we are from, we have “Dressin’”, not ever, […]