Reasons We Love Compass Classroom for Homeschool

Why We LOVE Compass Classroom for Homeschool

We have enjoyed the resources from Compass Classroom for quite some time. And as we were going about our usual afternoon video courses, I realized there are several reasons we love Compass Classroom for our homeschool. Not only that – Compass Classroom is having a super sale starting today that I didn’t want you to […]

WordUp! The Vocab Show

WordUp! The Vocab Show - Review at The Curriculum Choice

“Dwane Thomas does such silly stuff that it helps us remember Latin and Greek roots.” ~ 11th grader As the homeschool mama, I not only love to hear my children laugh and see them enjoy learning, but I also really like how versatile WordUp! is. Just like Visual Latin, we can airplay the lessons on […]

Mixing Up Your Homeschool Routine

Mixing Up Your Homeschool Routine at Hodgepodge

Is it time for a change? Maybe it could be as simple as just a quick walk in the woods… Walking the trail #SilverComerTrail #fall #1000gifts I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers ~ L.M. Montgomery, Ann of Green Gables Aren’t you glad you live in a world where there […]

Constitutional Literacy for High School

Constitutional Literacy Review at The Curriculum Choice

Today I share with you the extensive, high school level resource from Apologia and HSLDA’s Michael Farris. Constitutional Literacy is something we are passionate about as a family. We are raising future voters! A course by the same name – designed to fit this passion – is simply an answer to prayer for my two […]

High School Homeschool Curriculum Choices

High School Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

This past month I have shared the span from preschool to middle school – our curriculum choices for each age and stage. Today we reach high school. We are headed into our third year of high school. This year we again have two high schoolers – young adults in 10th and 11th grade. Two high […]

Middle School Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Middle School Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge - favorites from all our years homeschooling!

Our middle school girl is a busy, kinesthetic learner who loves to craft. She loves to make things. Do things. Move. Participate. Give her a display board for a biography report. Let her make a salt dough map. She loves to color while I read. Crafts, creations, busy. That’s her. You may remember a couple of […]

Love the Journey Review

Love the Journey - Tapestry of Grace

~Don’t miss the giveaway at the end!~ I’ve shared before about the books that have shaped my heart for homeschooling. Oh how I wish I’d had Marcia Somerville’s Love the Journey- Homeschooling: Principles to Practices when I started my journey. But I am very thankful I’ve had it at the top of my stack of […]

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

Many a time I have found myself pausing and being thankful that the younger two that make up our elementary homeschool are so close in age. Almost exactly two years apart with the same birthday month. They are buddies and they cheer each other on in their learning. Older sister coaches reading. Younger brother waits […]

Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Choices

In years past, I have always shared details of our preschool and kindergarten curriculum choices here at Hodgepodge. Now that we’ve had much practice with children in preschool, elementary, middle and high school all at once, I felt it was time to make a permanent spot for all our favorite homeschool curricula. One place that […]

Rod and Staff English

Rod and Staff English (we've used all the grades and love it!) www.hodgepodge

My friend Lauren sent me a question about Rod and Staff English. We do dearly love Rod and Staff English and have now officially used every year available – from 2nd grade to 10th! I asked Lauren if I might share our discussion here, in case others are considering Rod and Staff for their homeschools. […]

Our Experience with Teaching Textbooks

Our Experience with Teaching Textbooks

A dear reader, Tracy, asked a question about how we use Teaching Textbooks in our homeschool. Question about Teaching Textbooks: I remember reading that you use Teaching Textbooks (TT) for at least some of your children. I currently have two using A Beka Math (finishing up 2nd grade and kindergarten), plus I have a toddler. […]

Spring Unit Studies

Spring Unit Studies (& giveaway!)

Don’t miss the giveaway at the end! We are joining up with Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett for all things spring! I mentioned last week that we’ve been enjoying Spring Surprises with our kindergartener and second grader. A few highlights of our Spring Surprises studies… Listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Spring during lunch Time lapse […]