Homeschool Science Curriculum Choices: Reader Question

Homeschool Science Curriculum Choices for Multiple Ages at Hodgepodge

We have several homeschool science curriculum choices that have blessed us big time. I’ve shared about what we’ve used in the last couple of years. That prompted a reader to ask the following question. She said that I could share with you… Question: I have been struggling with picking a science curriculum for my children (rising K, 3rd, and 6th).  I have it down to

Something Good to Read

Something Good to Read

This summer I am finding myself in such need of simply resting and reading. And since I thought that you might need this too, I’ve gathered some of the something good to read I’ve shared before. Now I know that none of us mamas are able to read for long stretches. But I encourage you to place some good reads… …on an end table. …beside

How We Teach Homeschool

How We Teach...Homeschool

Today I share with you how we teach homeschool. How do you teach language arts? Tapestry of Grace? These are questions I get especially at this time of year. I have answered these questions before here at Hodgepodge. Also, our friends at iHomeschool Network (ihsnet) have a wonderful resource, How We Teach, available for homeschoolers. And, this week, ihsnet is hosting a fun Instagram challenge

Apologia Science for All Ages

Apologia Science for All Ages

We love our Apologia science for all ages. Are you thinking about homeschool science for next year? This gives you a picture of the Apologia resources we are using for all the ages in our homeschool. (We also love IKEA storage for homeschool – as you can tell by this photo.) My elementary students and I have a review (and giveaway!) of Jeannie Fulbright’s Land

Reasons We Love Compass Classroom for Homeschool

Why We LOVE Compass Classroom for Homeschool

We have enjoyed the resources from Compass Classroom for quite some time. And as we were going about our usual afternoon video courses, I realized there are several reasons we love Compass Classroom for our homeschool. Not only that – Compass Classroom is having a super sale starting today that I didn’t want you to miss! –> Also, in addition to the Compass Classroom sale,