Simple Planning at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Simple Planning at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Welcome to the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party! This week we are featuring pins for simple planning and more. Enjoy! –> Follow The Curriculum Choice’s Homeschool Planning and Scheduling Pinterest board! *Please note: I will be taking a break from the Pinning Party for a few weeks. But you can continue to link up with any of the ladies listed below! I’ll look forward to joining

Use Summer to Build Habits

Use Summer to Build Habits (1)

Oh summer is for fun! Summer can also be opportunity. See, without all the regular ‘have tos’ of school and extracurricular activities, there is time. That wonderful, empty space on the calendar. But sometimes having more time can be a challenge. So we have found a balance. Summer is when we work on those basic ‘bones’ of our days – all the while having fun

How We Teach Homeschool

How We Teach...Homeschool

Today I share with you how we teach homeschool. How do you teach language arts? Tapestry of Grace? These are questions I get especially at this time of year. I have answered these questions before here at Hodgepodge. Also, our friends at iHomeschool Network (ihsnet) have a wonderful resource, How We Teach, available for homeschoolers. And, this week, ihsnet is hosting a fun Instagram challenge

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Celebrate

Helpful Homeschool Habit - Celebrate!

We are still pressing on in our homeschool but we have also had reason to celebrate this last week. Nice way to finish out the high school week – in the backyard in your ENO. The calendar flipped to May (!) and the younger children are down to their last lessons in all of their subjects. So… Celebrate with a Field Trip We went to

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Pressing On

Helpful Homeschool Habit - Pressing On

In our homeschool we are pressing on. There are a few subjects we have finished. And the calendar is filled with end of the year programs, practices and celebrations. We are pressing on because in just a few short weeks it will be summer break. We are pressing on because in a few short weeks, at the end of this homeschool year and in planning