Helpful Homeschool Habit: How to Fit it All In

Helpful #Homeschool Habit - Fitting it All In

Last weekend was a bit crazy, all-over-the-place. A hodgepodge! So, instead of our usual weekly homeschool planning meeting with all our ages, I filled in their planners for our older three children myself. (It was warm enough earlier in the week for a cozy fire in the evening.) Doing the planning and writing for each […]

Have a Thanksgiving Homeschool Celebration

Have a Thanksgiving Homeschool Celebration

We have been going full force over here before the upcoming blessed holidays. That’s because we have a goal. See, at Thanksgiving we share some of our best work with grandparents. They are a captive audience, bless them. I wrote about our Thanksgiving Homeschool Celebration at Heart of the Matter a couple years ago. And […]

10 Hodgepodge Homeschool FAQs

Frequently Asked #Homeschool Questions at Hodgepodge

I’ve shared before some of the frequently asked questions we get here at Hodgepodge. We even have a menu tab for FAQs which categorizes The Six Most FAQ Homeschool Resource Questions and questions on teaching multiple ages. But in the last couple of months during this homeschool planning season, fellow families have found the posts […]

What I’ve Learned Homeschooling With Tapestry of Grace

What I've Learned Homeschooling With Tapestry of Grace

One of those wonderful benefits of homeschooling is continuing to learn right alongside your children. History, a love of art, composers, nature study. I just love continuing education. For many years now, Tapestry of Grace has truly woven together all the learning in our home. All ages learning the same topics, on their age, grade […]

Writing Workshop for Multiple Ages

Writing Workshop with Multiple Ages at

Sometimes in our homeschool we just need to focus on a certain subject. I’ve mentioned this strategy in When You Need to Catch Up. This week it was writing. So, rather than say, “Children, write!” I decided we would call this week a Writing Workshop. Something about a workshop makes it a little more fun, […]

Tapestry of Grace: How Does It All Flow?

How Does Tapestry of Grace flow? at

Recently, Janeen asked a Tapestry of Grace (TOG) question: I am interested in starting my family with Tapestry of Grace after reading your posts and reviews of the program. I went to their site and have read and watched everything I can. I really want to start implementing this with my kids right away. I […]

How to Plan Tapestry of Grace for Multiple Ages and Levels

How to Plan Tapestry of Grace for Multiple Ages at Hodgepodge

In my continuing series on teaching multiple ages, today I share with you how to plan Tapestry of Grace. Even if you don’t use Tapestry, many of these planning tips can be applied to teaching an age range in general. Join me… I think the biggest learning curve with Tapestry of Grace is finding what […]

The Freedom of a Homeschool Schedule

Freedom of the Homeschool Schedule

Guess what? Grandma and Grandpa are here! And since we haven’t seen them in a little under two years we are making the most of it! Toss the books aside? No, no. We’ll just alter the schedule a bit. Make sure we get our math in. The older ones are still reading elections selections. We’ll […]

Elections Unit Study for Multiple Ages

Elections Unit Study for Multiple Ages at Hodgepodge

Picking up books at the library, the librarian is scanning all the selections I’ve reserved. She asks… “so are you a teacher, a homeschooler or a dedicated parent?” I answer to all of the above, don’t you? And I love our wonderfully helpful librarians. They share our passion for learning. Elections 2012 unit study by […]

Hands On Geography for Multiple Ages

Hands On Geography for Multiple Ages

The last few weeks we’ve been heavily hands on in geography. What we found out is that when you actually make a model of something you have to pay attention to its qualities. The details. The boundaries and borders. These hands on geography activities also help the child see the big picture. To think of […]

Would You Recommend Tapestry of Grace for Kindergarten?


You might know how much we love Tapestry of Grace (TOG) here at Hodgepodge. Recently, I’ve received a few questions about using it. I asked these ladies if I could share their questions so they might help others. I’ll start today with those questions about preschool and kindergarten ages. Melissa asked on the Hodgepodge Facebook […]

10 Days of Lasagna Learning: Teaching Multiple Ages


If ever there was a week that was an example of lasagna learning, it was this. Lasagna learning being layers and levels of different ages, all together. The spices of learning all blending and complimenting. Take Columbus. I read this book from our Tapestry studies to the age range (pictured at top). We just read […]