How We Teach Homeschool

How We Teach...Homeschool

Today I share with you how we teach homeschool. How do you teach language arts? Tapestry of Grace? These are questions I get especially at this time of year. I have answered these questions before here at Hodgepodge. Also, our friends at iHomeschool Network (ihsnet) have a wonderful resource, How We Teach, available for homeschoolers. And, this week, ihsnet is hosting a fun Instagram challenge

Love the Journey Review

Love the Journey - Tapestry of Grace

~Don’t miss the giveaway at the end!~ I’ve shared before about the books that have shaped my heart for homeschooling. Oh how I wish I’d had Marcia Somerville’s Love the Journey- Homeschooling: Principles to Practices when I started my journey. But I am very thankful I’ve had it at the top of my stack of books on my coffee table these first weeks of summer!

Georgia Civil War Field Trips and Resources

Southeastern Civil War Field Trips and Resources

“I was reading the Gettysburg Address – that big, long speech by Abraham Lincoln. It was amazing.” ~ my 2nd grader This homeschool year we’ve been studying the Civil War as part of our Tapestry of Grace studies. It just so happens that 2014 is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War here on Georgia soil. There are several commemorative events and activities that will

Helpful Homeschool Habit: How to Fit it All In

Helpful #Homeschool Habit - Fitting it All In

Last weekend was a bit crazy, all-over-the-place. A hodgepodge! So, instead of our usual weekly homeschool planning meeting with all our ages, I filled in their planners for our older three children myself. (It was warm enough earlier in the week for a cozy fire in the evening.) Doing the planning and writing for each of them made me really realize that we are on

Have a Thanksgiving Homeschool Celebration

Have a Thanksgiving Homeschool Celebration

We have been going full force over here before the upcoming blessed holidays. That’s because we have a goal. See, at Thanksgiving we share some of our best work with grandparents. They are a captive audience, bless them. I wrote about our Thanksgiving Homeschool Celebration at Heart of the Matter a couple years ago. And I am so glad we’ve maintained this helpful habit. Because