Hodgepodge of Parenting Posts

Shine for Jesus at (in)courage – it’s the little bit of encouragement we whisper in a child’s ear

They are watching – here at Hodgepodge

I Was Born to Do Tricks – savoring childhood accomplishments

Picture Ministry at (in)courage – giving to others, encouraging at the hospital

What We Need at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – really, it’s all we need in parenting

The Butter Cat – a Hodgepodge classic. Because sometimes you just have to laugh.

Daddy Destinations at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – a habit passed down from Grandpa

Father-Son Retreat at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – a special weekend with Passport to Purity Curriculum

You Must Do This – Mother-Daughter retreat at Hodgepodge

Defense in Depth at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – keeping children safe on the internet and computer

Taming the Wild West – Mobile Devices at Habits for a Happy Home – iPods, iPads and keeping children safe

The Messes of Yeses here at Hodgepodge – parenting is messy but saying yes is a blessing

It’s All in The Tone at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – how to react to a scary situation

It’s Terrible to Terrific Tuesday at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – strategies for ‘those’ days

A Clean Slate at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – we fail but we have a brand new slate with Him

Brothers and Sisters Best Friends at Habits for a Happy Home – resources for how to

Sibling Sleepovers at Habits for a Happy Home – a fun habit for building friendships with siblings

Forward and Back here at Hodgepodge – it’s one step forward and one step back in parenting and in our personal relationships with Him

Asking Forgiveness vs. Saying I’m Sorry at Passionate Purposeful Parenting – which would you rather hear?

Steering Home at Habits for a Happy Home – letting a child take charge while still under parental protection

It’s in the Thanksgiving here at Hodgepodge – how to deal with the sadness, loss of miscarriage

Prayer Does Change Things here at Hodgepodge – writing out prayer requests and seeing the answers!

Aleida’s Challenge – Photos of you with your children here at Hodgepodge – it’s important

Mama on Vacation series – practical tips for little snippets of vacation – whether at home or away

Just as You Want it – here at Hodgepodge – some day the children will all be grown and you will have a clean house

Remember My Name – here at Hodgepodge – “what is your name?” the lanyard name tag my daughter made me

Sunday, the Best Day of the Week – at Habits for a Happy Home – how to make Sunday the focus

The Sunday Box – a special box of toys, books and just-for-Sunday activities at Habits for a Happy Home

The Positives of Potty Training – yes, there really are positives

The parenting category here at Hodgepodge