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Welcome to Homeschooling at Hodgepodge! For over fourteen years now, we have homeschooled. Right now we homeschool five children from elementary to high school.

Homeschooling at Hodgepodge www.hodgepodge.meOur homeschooling method is one that came about over time. Would it surprise you to know that our methods truly are a hodgepodge? One ingredient added. Another sifted in. Mixing slowly. Seasoning to taste. The roots of our method are classical. There’s a healthy dose of Charlotte Mason enrichment. Plus, the unit studies help us all learn together. And the whole-hearted approach speaks of each child’s relationship with the Lord.

Each week I share a weekly wrap up and collages of all we are doing in our homeschool. And below is a tour of what we offer regularly:

Homeschooling Multiple Ages - Best of HodgepodgeHomeschooling Multiple Ages – a round up of all the tips and advice I offer.

50 Free Art Lessons at hodgepodge50 + (well over 75 now, I think!) Free Art Lessons including subscriber-only tutorial downloads.

Art Curriculum – a series of ebooks for you and your artists!

Curriculum Review IndexHomeschool Curriculum Reviews – both here and at our sister site, The Curriculum Choice.

Help! I'm Homeschooling ebook by Tricia Hodges www.southernhodgepodge.comHelpful Habits for the Heart of Homeschooling

Homeschooling in Georgia - Free ebook at www.hodgepodge.meFor Georgia Homeschoolers – a FREE Homeschooling in Georgia ebook when you subscribe. Authored by Jamie Worley of See Jamie Blog and Tricia Hodges of Hodgepodge.

The Ultimate Homeschool Pinterest PartyThe Ultimate Homeschool Pinterest Party! co-hosted weekly here at Hodgepodge and you are invited to join us!

10 #Homeschool Learning Centers at Hodgepodge www.hodgepodge.meOur ongoing Homeschool Makeover to meet the organizational and learning needs of our homeschool.

Frequently Asked #Homeschool Questions at HodgepodgeThe hodgepodge of Frequently Asked Questions about homeschooling.

10 Things You Will Find at Hodgepodge www.hodgepodge.meLooking for something else? Please take the 10 Part Tour of Hodgepodge.

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