Seahorse Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Seahorse Chalk Pastel #Art Tutorial at

Have you followed Hodgepodge on Bloglovin? Follow with Bloglovin We begin today with an undersea ride on a seahorse! This is a fun pastel and you will need to gather together the following colors of pastel: a rusty color orange, yellow, black or dark brown for the seahorse, and your favorite colors for the sea […]

Answers in Genesis Homeschool Reviews

Answers in Genesis #Homeschool Reviews at

Yet again I am impressed with and thankful for Answers in Genesis and the resources they continue to provide. I want to introduce you to the latest addition to our homeschool – Answers Bible Curriculum. I shared a review at The Curriculum Choice. (there’s also a giveaway with a few days left!) And while I […]

Homeschool Makeover: The Most Used Bookcase

IKEA Expedit bookshelf

Former, wonderful, overflowing and overused bookcase in our most central location. My husband and I have been blessed with hand-me-down furniture. There is just an abundance of pieces on my side of the family. And, in the almost seventeen years of our marriage, this furniture has served us well. However, never, in the past, has […]

Layers and Levels of Unit Studies 2


Making a salt dough map of Italy as part of our Tapestry of Grace geography studies. This was another one of those weeks when the layers and levels of unit studies were the highlight of our homeschool. There were many subjects that we enjoyed together – all ages. Plus several subjects that overlapped and complimented […]

Layers and Levels of Unit Studies


Unit studies serve the age range in our homeschool well. Especially when two or more subjects overlap and the learning is on several different age and grade levels. Each day this week the older three first completed their Math and English studies. Saxon K Math made for a tasty mid-morning snack identifying cracker shapes. Zuzu […]

Science Fair and Art Show Results – Kindergartener


Four Science Projects to compliment our studies. As we started into working on each of these projects I suggested to the children that they not only pick something they were particularly interested in but also something that would help them dig deeper into something we were already studying. Over the next week, here on Hodgepodge, […]

Homeschool Highlights: Weekly Wrap & CPF


1. Baby niece | 2. F is for Fritos (an f snack while practicing f in handwriting) | 3. Me on the Map | 4. Hurricane Irene current events | 5. Sand Art | 6. dropped butter  | 7. Cicada – unexpected nature study | 8. AiG Science lesson – muscles | 9. Waiting for big sis […]

Helpful Habit – Annual Planning and Goal Setting


I’m keeping up the habit of sharing a helpful habit on Fridays. Plus, this post is also our Homeschool Weekly Wrap and the new habit I’m enjoying – Camera Phone Friday! In the true fashion of a Hodgepodge (hodgepodge |ˈhäjˌpäj|(Brit. hotchpotch ) noun [ in sing. ]a confused mixture). First, our Camera Phone Friday mosaic […]

For the Love of Squash: Our Crop Plant Study


I developed the taste for squash quite a while ago. Squash casseroles being a summer mainstay here in the south. I remember sitting at my grandparents’ table. A plate laden with summer vegetable from Pawpaw’s garden. He had rows and rows of vegetables and two, large gardens. I thought his mechanical pea sheller was the […]

Enjoying Answers Magazine


Back when we were studying the solar system with Answers in Genesis: Our Universe, I read the Answers Magazine issue on Discovering a Young Universe. When I finished reading that one, it made me want to find all the other issues of Answers Magazines we have in our house. It’s a good sized stack. So […]

Spring Weather Outdoor Hour Challenge


We have enjoyed weather typical of spring in the south. Cooler, breezy days topped with robin’s egg blue skies alternate with warm, flip-flop wearing days that make us want to jaunt off to the beach. We’ve had a week’s worth of rain making all that Georgia red clay into clothes-staining mud puddles. This week, we […]

We interrupt this regular schedule


Slide pile up photo taken on Monday for our family homeschool yearbook page. This week, following our play house spring break, I made a decision. We’d concentrate on the basic routine. Three habits help our day run smoothly. Mainly our: Before 8:45 “One more thing after lunch” (usually nature or a science lesson we all […]