Bonza Draw App by Unit Studies is for All Ages

BD app demo

Today’s review is by Middle Girl and her sister! Middle Girl (6th grade): Bonza Draw is a great iPad app. I would give it four and a half stars out of five. I like Bonza Draw because it’s a great app. It lets you draw something new every day. I also like the word bank. […]

Porpoise or Dolphin Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Porpoise or Dolphin Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial at

As a follow up to our recent trip to the Georgia Aquarium, we are going to have fun today drawing the “clown of the sea,” the Porpoise! The colors of pastels that you will need are the following: Medium gray Black White Blues (for the ocean colors) Greens Yellow (for tiny fish swimming with your […]

Old Shed in the Snow Chalk Art Tutorial

Old Shed in the Snow Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

This is an actual building still standing after over 100 years. Originally this shed was a kitchen, built separate from the main house because of the heat and possible fire.  It is on family property and houses yard machinery and equipment. We will start our drawing by using the following pastel colors.  Deep red or […]

How to Plan Simple Afternoon Art Projects

How to Plan Simple Afternoon Art Projects

Simple afternoon art projects? Just getting through a school day can be overwhelming. And here I am sharing about art projects? Well, rest assured I entitled this planning post Simple Afternoon Art Projects for practical purposes. Because I know. I know about trying to be a fun mom and wanting to give my children opportunity […]

iPastels App Review and More Art Apps

iPastels App Review + Other Art Apps

Chalk pastels are “blessedly messy,” as Nana says. Yet we’ve found a way to avoid the mess and enjoy pastels – even on the go! We discovered the iPastels iPad app from Norbyte. Of course this app isn’t exactly like holding a piece of soft chalk in your hand. But it does offer a close […]

Earth Paint Review and Art with Multiple Ages

Earth Paint Review at Hodgepodge

We know you will love Earth Paint as much as we do. So please don’t miss the giveaway at the end! We love a new way to enjoy art. And that we found with Earth Paints: eco-friendly paint kits! Not only that, our afternoon with Earth Paints was one of sheer delight. I saw smiles […]

How to Start Art with Young Children

How to Start Art with Young Children

A dear reader, Mary, asked about beginning art with young children. She said, “Hi Tricia! I was reading your art curriculum and I saw Pastels and technique with Nana and I loved it! What age do you recommend to start? I have a four-and-a half and a three-and-a-half year old. The oldest one lovesssssssssssss to […]

Madeline Chalk Pastel Fun

Madeline Chalk Pastel at Hodgepodge

You may have noticed that we have been choosing art projects to go along with the younger children’s Five in a Row studies. Well, today we share the fun we had with Madeline… In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines… We studied the cover of the Madeline book. We noticed the […]

10 Simple Afternoon Art Projects

Simple Afternoon Art Projects

This summer we’ve just been enjoying some absolutely fun art projects. Many I’ve found on Pinterest. I’ve just been picking those that take little prep and offer marvelous results. So, today I’m sharing a round up of those projects because I know you and your children will enjoy them too – any time of year! […]

How To Add in the Joy of Art

How To Add In Art

Well, I’m just not artistic. I’ve heard that statement rather often from other homeschoolers when they talk about the lack of art in their days. Since adding in the joy of art is one of my passions, I’m here to encourage you that building this habit is not hard. You did not have to inherit […]

Henry David Thoreau: To The Woods Chalk Pastel

Woods Chalk Pastel

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” ~ Thoreau I have always loved a path or walking trail. […]

Homeschool Workboxes: Reorganization By Subject

workboxes by subject

In the last weeks of school we realized something. Our homeschool room organization was off. Well, not only had we not kept up with the paper overflow but we realized we’d outgrown the current system. See, we still use workboxes with the younger three children. And a few here and there for the older two […]