Return of the Routine: Feeding the Family

Return of the Routine - Feeding the Family

So we have rested and we have planned. But wait just one minute. We need fuel! And by that I mean food. If ever I was discouraged by something at the end of a long day of back-to-school, it was wrestling up something to eat. What to feed the masses after working so hard at […]

Batch Cooking Biscuits at $5 Dinners


Few things in my stretching-the-budget and filling-tummies career have made as big a difference as biscuits. Do you remember how much the canned variety costs? Oh, I dearly love the convenience. But I don’t like paying for it. Especially when I have to get so many cans to feed the seven of us. And that’s […]

Slow Cooker Batch Cooking Navy Beans at $5 Dinners


I really love it when my slow cooker can do the work for me. January usually means a freezer and pantry challenge, including rice and beans. So, about once a month I batch cook some beans to tuck away in the freezer. Especially in the winter months, that means navy beans. Join me at $5 […]

Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Italian Stuffed Shells


If you’ve known me for very long you know how much my family and I love Italian Stuffed Shells. Making triple batches of this pasta helps keep us stock-piled for a while or ready to share with other families. The simple recipe plus the plan for making a triple batch and flash freezing individual shells […]

Savings with Homemade Hummus at $5 Dinners


Raise your hand if you love hummus. Yes, yes, lots of folks out there. Me too! Ok. How many of you pay big bucks for one of those tiny tubs of hummus at the store? A few, yes. How many have this little problem of keeping food and snacks stocked in your house? Me too! […]

Homemade Cookie Dough: Frugal Living


I’ve talked about them a lot. Even given them as gifts. But it’s been a while since I shared the steps to goodness. Now, I will tell you up front that this, our favorite cookie recipe, is not published online anymore for free. But…Bread Beckers Ranger cookies are similar. Plus, they are a time investment. […]

Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Equals Three Meals


For Sunday lunch we enjoyed this slow cooker rotisserie chicken recipe from Hillbilly Housewife. It’s like one of those you get at the grocery store deli – except homemade – and cheaper. Even the picky ones yum it up. We enjoyed it with rice and garden vegetables. You throw that chicken in there, doused with […]

Back to School Big Cook # 2 + Two Week Menu


This past Saturday was another impromptu batch cooking day. Saturday morning I made a double batch of pancakes while we were having an easy-going morning. The benefits of the batch resulted in two gallon-sized freezer bags stacked full of pancakes. Then, after Hodgepodgedad’s trip to the grocery, I found myself blessed with six pounds of […]

Back to School Big Cook


I always like to have a few favorites socked away for back to school time. This past Saturday turned into an impromptu back to school big cook. What is a big cook? Simply a deliberate attempt to make several batches of family-favorite recipes and freeze them for future meals. It sorta went like this… Because […]

Simple Supper: Manwich, Mac & Salad


Keeping it simple around here. The menu on a Monday was as follows: Not-Your-Average Sloppy Joes by Southern Plate Macaroni and Cheese (the boxed variety) Spinach, Strawberry, Guacamole and Sunflower Seed Salad (arthritis friendly!) The ground turkey for the sloppy joes I pulled from the freezer from the last slow cooker batch cooking session. The […]

Meal Plan: Bunches of Batch Cooking


“A man ought to eat what’s offered and be glad to get it!” ~ Rose Watson, Mitford Series My freezer is depleted thanks to the last couple month’s worth of freezer/pantry challenges and good, cheap eats. So, it’s time to batch cook again. Maybe a mini Big Cook. I’ll use what I have on hand […]

Batch Cooking Black-eyed Peas in the Slow Cooker

Batch Cooking Black Eyed Peas in the Slow Cooker

Two bags. Two pounds. Rinsed. Quick soaked. (Just followed the directions on the bag). But then… Bunches of beans cooked on high then low throughout the day. Then socked away in the freezer in family-sized portions. Good cheap eats. Perfect with a pone of cornbread and a green veggie. **Frugal tip – Make black-eyed peas […]