Return of the Routine: Feeding the Family

Return of the Routine - Feeding the Family

So we have rested and we have planned. But wait just one minute. We need fuel! And by that I mean food. If ever I was discouraged by something at the end of a long day of back-to-school, it was wrestling up something to eat. What to feed the masses after working so hard at getting back into a routine. Yes, we aim for back

Batch Cooking Biscuits at $5 Dinners


Few things in my stretching-the-budget and filling-tummies career have made as big a difference as biscuits. Do you remember how much the canned variety costs? Oh, I dearly love the convenience. But I don’t like paying for it. Especially when I have to get so many cans to feed the seven of us. And that’s where batch cooking homemade biscuits comes in. But here’s the

Slow Cooker Batch Cooking Navy Beans at $5 Dinners


I really love it when my slow cooker can do the work for me. January usually means a freezer and pantry challenge, including rice and beans. So, about once a month I batch cook some beans to tuck away in the freezer. Especially in the winter months, that means navy beans. Join me at $5 Dinners. I’m putting the slow cooker to work!

Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Italian Stuffed Shells


If you’ve known me for very long you know how much my family and I love Italian Stuffed Shells. Making triple batches of this pasta helps keep us stock-piled for a while or ready to share with other families. The simple recipe plus the plan for making a triple batch and flash freezing individual shells is contained here: Italian Stuffed Shells But how do you

Savings with Homemade Hummus at $5 Dinners


Raise your hand if you love hummus. Yes, yes, lots of folks out there. Me too! Ok. How many of you pay big bucks for one of those tiny tubs of hummus at the store? A few, yes. How many have this little problem of keeping food and snacks stocked in your house? Me too! Well, I’m here to share my way of saving big