I Paint As a Bird Sings

I Paint as a Bird Sings - Claude Monet

“I paint as a bird sings.” ~ Claude Monet Chickadee Three Little Chicks Robin Love birds Sandpiper shore bird Angry Birds art fun! Bird’s Nest “Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher I hope you’ll pull out the brushes, the pastels, the palette of colors too. Be inspired by more Quotable

Spring is Full of So Many Things


Mama Ann’s dogwood  Watching dogwoods turn from white and pink… into their full summer dress… Visiting Mama Ann a couple of weeks ago when all was in full bloom… Exclaiming over Queen Anne’s lace on the side of the road on the way to church… Stopping to take a photo of a thistle… Planting a garden. Making mud puddles. Noticing new blossoms on the oak

Backyard Birds in Winter


Last Thursday we enjoyed a wonderful study of chickadees and other backyard birds. However, I got a little side-tracked and never shared because of the incident with the wiffle ball. I love the variety of birds we see at our feeder each season. The woodpeckers stop by more frequently to eat the suet we share in winter. Or at least we notice them more. Earlier

Bird watching


Bird watching. It’s what we do. Especially eldest boy, above. He’s the one that fills the feeders and makes the homemade suet. Today we share some favorite backyard bird spottings for June: The gold finches are back and they’ve found the sunflowers! Two posing doves (makes me want to sing a Christmas song). Then a house finch seems to say ‘me too.’ Carolina chickadee on

Beautiful Birds


Eldest Boy, a.k.a. My Backyard, has a passion for bird watching, is our resident bird feeder filler and is sharing our May bird study today. He wrote this up last week during our study… For our bird study, we picked the most interesting birds we’ve seen in our backyard lately. Brown Thrasher – The brown thrasher really likes it when we don’t mow the backyard