Birthday Cake Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Birthday Cake Video Art Tutorial with Chalk Pastels at

We are in birthday season here at Hodgepodge! In honor of all birthdays, Nana shares a birthday cake chalk pastel art tutorial in video form. It is simple art lesson and fun for all ages! Art in just FIVE minutes! If you have been looking to add the joy of art to your days, try […]

Edible Sand and Other Allergy-Friendly Birthday Cake Ideas

edible sand dessert

How’s a bucket of sand for a 13-year-old birthday cake? Edible sand that is. It was just right for a birthday at the beach. All the ingredients are allergy-safe for our nut-free, egg-free crew. Plus it is just downright fun to make! This is our second year making golden Oreo sand. Be sure to click […]

Golden Days of Parenthood


Don’t miss the links to parenting resources at the end… Oct 2010 I hear his little feet coming around the corner. It’s busy, in-the-thick-of-it Sunday morning. I’m putting the ingredients in the crock pot for our lunch. His Daddy has dressed him. He’s ready to go. So he runs, pounding little shoes and slams full […]

10 Gift Ideas

Barbie Beach Bucket Gift

For Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation, birthdays and more… 1. A Rose for Mother’s Day – We clip a rose from the front yard bush and wear it in honor of Mama on Mother’s Day. But it’s also tradition for my husband and the children to give me a new rose bush for the front yard. […]

I’m Four. Let’s Go Some More.


“Push me high! Push me high and we’ll fly all the way up to the moon,” …he says through giggles on a sunny Saturday before his birthday number four. Just Wednesday he rode on a train around a mountain. The boy has to go. Loves things that move. It’s pure boy joy. Build a road. […]

Helpful Habit: When do you shop?


A look at our week: 1. Notes tucked in Operation Christmas Child boxes | 2. Weather Kid & Junior Joker Middle Girl – on 104.7 The Fish (Click and listen below!) | 3. Pones of cornbread for Thanksgiving dressing | 4. Faux Pecan Pie – allergy-friendly Thanksgiving | 5. 1,000 Gifts App – free – […]

Destination Birthdays


“WHERE are the SHARKS?” She needs to know as soon as we walk through the aquarium doors. She-who-turned-six simply adores sharks. Quite by accident we’ve been enjoying destination birthdays as a family this year. Well, Eldest Boy did have a milestone, planned, 12-year-old trip to the Creation Museum. But for the rest of the children, […]

Homeschool Meme + Weekly Wrap


1. Field of Flags on 9/11 – Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield | 2. Using our noggins for AiG Science | 3. It’s All in the Tone @ Passionate Purposeful Parenting | 4. Dental afternoon – sealants for 2 | 5. Club Penguin Dance Party for PE! | 6. First BD cards for Eldest Girl | […]

Sugary Sweet Saturday


It’s not something we regularly buy to enjoy at home. But it’s a sugary treat now and then when we’re out. For this family birthday, Middle Girl requested a trip downtown to the museum. See, since she was just a little girl she’s been drawn to sweetness. Sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola. Then, last year, […]

Weekly Wrap: Nature and Encouragement


1. Even more snap circuits. | 2. Build your own sundae night (on Sunday night). | 3. Hostessing at the Heart of the Matter Conference. What a thrill to hostess Dr. Jay Wile and Terri Johnson! | 4. The silly boys that were behind the scenes (while three girls were off at Drama Troupe meeting […]

Summer Fun: Second Week of July


Still having fun this summer with instagram photos. Camera Phone Friday hosted by Dawn Camp @ My Home Sweet Home. This week… 1. Two-step Pound Cake | 2. Time to Purge – Girls Bedroom | 3. Girl cousins! (she finally got to hold baby cousin) | 4. Mama & Littlest Girl – Date Night. Her […]

Helpful Habit: Getting Away


These last weeks I’ve shared the basic habits that bless our homeschool. One of the habits that is most important, especially for Mama, is getting away. Now, you don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks on a get away. You can plan an at-home retreat. Or Just Step Outside. Wow, what 15 minutes of alone […]