Easy Fall Favorite Recipes

Easy Fall Recipe Favorites @ Hodgepodge

Simple holiday recipes and year ’round favorites… 7 Chicken Comfort Recipes Chicken is a comfort food at our house. Simple meals and casseroles fill tummies and stretch pennies. Chicken soup helps heal stuffy noses. I shared seven easy and frugal comfort recipes at $5 Dinners. I also have some allergy-friendly favorites for you. Now if […]

Overnight Slow Cooker Grits and Breakfast Casserole

Overnight Slow Cooker Grits Recipe

We’ve enjoyed this simple, celebratory breakfast on Christmas for many years now. Perfect for any easy going weekend breakfast or brunch. Certainly fast food for slow Sundays. Overnight Slow Cooker Grits Ingredients Amount of grits for your family. (I make the amount for eight servings) Double amount of water suggested in directions. Salt Topping suggestions: […]

Blueberry Breakfast Cake


I made another recipe found on Pinterest! This scrumptious blueberry breakfast cake I made with egg substitute so Lil’ Buddy could enjoy it too. We mixed it up one night last week as the highlight of breakfast for supper. You must click over to Alexandra’s Kitchen to see her delicious photos. You’ll want to make […]

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins


I’ve seen this all over Pinterest lately but Nana was making these years ago! And her recipe calls for chocolate chips! Two ingredients. (Three if you add chocolate chips). Egg free for Lil’ Buddy. Can surely count as Cooking Fun! It’s great to keep these ingredients in the Cook Box. : Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pumpkin […]

Mama Ann’s Morning Bars

Mama Ann's Black Raspberry Morning Bars Recipe

Morning bars are a family classic from my grandmother, Mama Ann. One of those recipes we’ve come to expect her to always have at her house. My children beg for morning bars. If I can’t make the bars right away then the children figure out some way to eat the black raspberry jelly on something. […]

Hot Rice for Breakfast: Frugal Living


I recently discovered a new use for leftover rice. Apparently many folks do this. It was a big duh moment for me. Something Nana suggested we do. See, when I make rice, I always at least double the amount. Because we can always use rice again later in the week. Sometimes I cook it on […]

Melted Cheese


I learned how to eat this yummy snack when I couldn’t eat wheat. I’m glad I can have gluten now. But I still LOVE this! Nana said she used to have it for breakfast when she was a little girl. I eat it for breakfast sometimes. But mostly for an afternoon snack. : Melted Cheese […]

Smoothies: More on Slow Cooker Yogurt


The essence of summer – peaches. Smoothies made with our homemade yogurt. I have timed it the last several times I’ve made the yogurt so that it will be our breakfast the next day. Oh how slow cooker yogurt has changed our lives! Smoothies! Just pour your fresh yogurt into your blender. Add your choice […]

Butter Rolls by Southern Plate


Now you know I’ve always said if you add a stick of butter you have a southern recipe. This Old Timey Butter Rolls recipe from Southern Plate is a delight. This was so tasty and such a hit all around. I’m thinking I’ll put this on the list for a Big Cook. Nana made the […]

Quiche – Quick and Quite Delicious at $5 Dinners


I’m sharing Mama Ann’s quiche recipe at $5 Dinners. Join me? With plenty of opportunities for luncheons and brunches coming up, don’t overlook the chance to make an easy quiche. It’s also a simple and frugal, last-minute supper to pull together. Especially if you already have store-bought, frozen pie shells on hand. The secret to […]

Hodgepodge Recipes 2008-2010


A quick reference list of recipes from 2008-2010. Apple Pie by Nana Asparagus Casserole by Grandpa Aunt Joy’s Fudge Artichoke Dip Banana Pudding, guest post by Nana Beans and rice Beans, Garden fresh in microwave Beef Barley Soup Bread, Homemade in 10 minutes Breakfast Casserole w/ Crock Pot Grits Brittney’s Biscuits Butter Rolls, by Southern […]