Homeschool Workboxes: Reorganization By Subject

workboxes by subject

In the last weeks of school we realized something. Our homeschool room organization was off. Well, not only had we not kept up with the paper overflow but we realized we’d outgrown the current system. See, we still use workboxes with the younger three children. And a few here and there for the older two for specific purposes, like art supplies. Make Workboxes Work For

Alphaphonics and More Learn-to-Read Resources

Alphaphonics cover

Today, I’m sharing a quick photo collage of our Vacation Bible School week. But I’m also at The Curriculum Choice with a review of one of the longest-used resources in our homeschool. Alphaphonics was there to help each of our children learn to read. Our youngest, at four and a half, has been doing a lesson or so here and there. That’s because he’s started

Homeschool Makeover Series and Celebrating Summer

ribbon curtain topper

I’ve been sharing the stages of our homeschool makeover over the last months. Summer is the best time for assessing and reworking homeschool spaces, I think. Today, my helpful homeschool tip to share…Decorating and displaying the frugal way! Each year we contribute many entries in our state fair. Art pieces, flowers, baked goods, photographs. With five children, that makes for quite a few entries. Well,

10 Days of Lasagna Learning: Teaching Multiple Ages


If ever there was a week that was an example of lasagna learning, it was this. Lasagna learning being layers and levels of different ages, all together. The spices of learning all blending and complimenting. Take Columbus. I read this book from our Tapestry studies to the age range (pictured at top). We just read and I was completely hoarse by the end of the

Help for the Homeschool Mama


As part of this weekly wrap up I’m sharing help for the homeschool mama. One help? We were on a semi-spring break this week. All I required was math and then let the rest just happen. We did some sprucing up in the yard and had some fun pulling out the plastic swimming pool (it was warm enough!). One went to a birthday party at