Chalkboard Chalk Art

Chalkboard Chalk Art - You ARE an Artist

Chalkboard chalk art is all the rage these days. We’ve long loved all things chalkboard. Our love of chalk and chalkboard goes back a long way. We have many chalkboards all over our house. Over the kitchen table, by the kitchen telephone, in the classroom, in the bathroom even. Then, over at Nana’s house, she repainted her entire kitchen in chalkboard paint! She chalks all

Our IKEA and Chalkboard Homeschool Room

IKEA baskets for homeschool

What began as a simple love of chalkboard resulted in a homeschool makeover of house-sized proportion. A redo based on learning styles, storage needs and sanity-saving measures. (With plenty of consulting from Master Artist, Nana). That first summer we painted the red wall and made our chalkboard desk, our eyes were opened to more we could do. Simple changes and rearranges. Our latest additions are

All Things Chalkboard


From last year’s school planning archives because these basics still work well with rising 8th, 7th, 4th, K and soon-he’ll-be-a-four-year-old… I love chalkboards. I love chalkboards. I love chalkboards. And even though right after our school year ended, we went through a rather reluctant classroom revamp, the classroom still needed attention. Before getting any further into the nitty gritty of preparing Tapestry of Grace, setting

Simple Schooling Strategies


Hodgepodge Simple Schooling Strategies Practical Prayer – how to keep a prayer life in the day to day of balancing the age range. Helpful Homeschool Habits – all the most useful ones compiled in one post. The Housekeeping Habits that Bless Our Home – a list of favorites. Jurisdictions – carving the big job of picking up the mess into smaller pieces. Everybody has their