SunButter No Bake Cookie Bites


Another peanut butter recipe from Southern Plate turned SunButter recipe for Hodgepodge! No bake with yummy ingredients. And yet another afternoon of cooking fun. Mixing and stirring! A great way to get oatmeal in these children. Anything with SunButter! Click over to Southern Plate for the recipe: Peanut Butter No Bake Cookie Bites and just wholesale replace that peanut butter with allergy-friendly SunButter. For all

Homemade Cookie Cake


I used to do this by opening a tube of store-bought cookie dough and squishing it flat in the shape of a circle. Baking it for 20 minutes then decorating. You can still do it that way. Now, because it tastes so much better and because of the allergies of our youngest two, I do it the homemade way. A few more steps but worth

CD Cookie: Appreciating Teachers

CD Cookie

Several years ago, I read about Happybird’s Crafting Haven using white paper CD sleeves as holders for cookies. Great teacher gifts! We bought a big box of CD sleeves at the warehouse club. (We still have plenty of sleeves to make for teachers this year!) One afternoon, I got out the markers. Everyone decorated. Even Lil’ Buddy, who wasn’t even two years old at the