Easy Fall Favorite Recipes

Easy Fall Recipe Favorites @ Hodgepodge

Simple holiday recipes and year ’round favorites… 7 Chicken Comfort Recipes Chicken is a comfort food at our house. Simple meals and casseroles fill tummies and stretch pennies. Chicken soup helps heal stuffy noses. I shared seven easy and frugal comfort recipes at $5 Dinners. I also have some allergy-friendly favorites for you. Now if […]

S’moreos and S’more Really Great Cookie Recipes

Smoreos best friends

S’mores are summer. Summer is s’mores. Add in Oreos and it’s even more. Even more of a special treat. And you can treat even more. Translation: S’moreos last longer than traditional s’mores in our larger family. Don’t miss the delicious fun at $5 Dinners. Click over to S’moreos. In celebration of cookies, here are a […]

Homemade Cookie Dough: Frugal Living


I’ve talked about them a lot. Even given them as gifts. But it’s been a while since I shared the steps to goodness. Now, I will tell you up front that this, our favorite cookie recipe, is not published online anymore for free. But…Bread Beckers Ranger cookies are similar. Plus, they are a time investment. […]

Cookies & Cream at $5 Dinners

cookies and cream

No bake. Three ingredients. Guaranteed hit. Plus, it is so much fun for children to make! All I have to do is get the ingredients out and instantly there appear volunteers from the audience. Dressed the part even! Chef hat and all. The children are cooking up some frugal fun over at $5 Dinners today […]

Sunbutter® Cookies + Kisses


In the pre-allergy days, I used to make peanut butter cookies and top them with Hershey kisses. Peanut butter cookies were Hodgepodgedad’s favorite. But now we make Sunbutter® cookies and crown them with kisses. I can not tell the difference between the two in taste. And that’s not just because I love Sunbutter®. You can […]

Homemade Cookie Cake


I used to do this by opening a tube of store-bought cookie dough and squishing it flat in the shape of a circle. Baking it for 20 minutes then decorating. You can still do it that way. Now, because it tastes so much better and because of the allergies of our youngest two, I do […]

Cake Mix Cookies – Double Chocolate


The cookies our eldest baked many times for her Egg Substitute science project. The cookies we whip up quite often for a treat. The cookies with ingredients that are easy to keep on hand in the Cook Box. The main ingredient is a cake mix. You know these are a favorite because I’ve been using […]

Sugar Cookies


Entitled Holiday Cookies in my family cookbook. This is the recipe we use for our cut out Christmas cookies. Plus, today we used this recipe to make shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. A good reason to pull this recipe from the archives. And, this recipe is a good reason to celebrate anytime using any of […]

Allergy Friendly Living: Sunbutter® Buttons

sunbutter buttons

Easy and delicious. No peanut, no tree nut, no egg. Safe for our crew. Continuing our tradition of trying new Sunbutter® recipes! And this one has a bit of cocoa. Yum. Plus, of course, you can’t go wrong with butter and powdered sugar. Just stir all the ingredients together, scoop, roll and put your thumb […]

Allergy Friendly Living, Part One


I’ve shared before about our trials and triumphs with allergies. Told about how we’ve left life in the drive thru lane for the road home. The reasons? Well, first we like to eat healthy. Then there is the cost of feeding seven of us and our habit of frugal living. But basically we have to […]

Sugar Cookies, Sprinkles and Siblings


I mixed up the Sugar Cookie dough last night as I was making supper. Stuck it in the fridge overnight. Then, after cutting out paper snowflakes this morning, brother and sisters cut out sugar cookies. ——— Recipe here: Sugar Cookies It took all of about half an hour to spread flour far and wide and […]