Easy Fall Favorite Recipes

Easy Fall Recipe Favorites @ Hodgepodge

Simple holiday recipes and year ’round favorites… 7 Chicken Comfort Recipes Chicken is a comfort food at our house. Simple meals and casseroles fill tummies and stretch pennies. Chicken soup helps heal stuffy noses. I shared seven easy and frugal comfort recipes at $5 Dinners. I also have some allergy-friendly favorites for you. Now if you are blessed with those can eat just regular ol’

S’moreos and S’more Really Great Cookie Recipes

Smoreos best friends

S’mores are summer. Summer is s’mores. Add in Oreos and it’s even more. Even more of a special treat. And you can treat even more. Translation: S’moreos last longer than traditional s’mores in our larger family. Don’t miss the delicious fun at $5 Dinners. Click over to S’moreos. In celebration of cookies, here are a few more favorites: Oreo Truffles at Habits for a Happy

Homemade Cookie Dough: Frugal Living


I’ve talked about them a lot. Even given them as gifts. But it’s been a while since I shared the steps to goodness. Now, I will tell you up front that this, our favorite cookie recipe, is not published online anymore for free. But…Bread Beckers Ranger cookies are similar. Plus, they are a time investment. So, when I make them, I double them. I freeze

Cookies & Cream at $5 Dinners

cookies and cream

No bake. Three ingredients. Guaranteed hit. Plus, it is so much fun for children to make! All I have to do is get the ingredients out and instantly there appear volunteers from the audience. Dressed the part even! Chef hat and all. The children are cooking up some frugal fun over at $5 Dinners today with Cookies and Cream!

Sunbutter® Cookies + Kisses


In the pre-allergy days, I used to make peanut butter cookies and top them with Hershey kisses. Peanut butter cookies were Hodgepodgedad’s favorite. But now we make Sunbutter® cookies and crown them with kisses. I can not tell the difference between the two in taste. And that’s not just because I love Sunbutter®. You can tell from the photo that the cookies crumbled a bit