Three Uses for an Outgrown Pair of Blue Jeans

Three Uses for One Pair of Blue Jeans at

With five growing children we surely have to find ways to stretch our money. Here are three easy ways to use one pair of blue jeans. Hand Me Downs We of course pass down blue jeans to a sibling. Oh the money we’ve saved with three girls and two boys – just in hand me […]

Kool-Aid Jammer Duct Tape Wallet

kool aid jammer wallet

Here’s how to make a Kool-Aid Jammer duct tape wallet: Save two Kool-Aid Jammer juice pouches. Rinse and dry them. Find a roll of patterned duct tape. Match two pouches of Kool-Aid jammers together. Duct tape them together, leaving one side open. You’re done!! Enjoy your wallet! Happy wallet, bracelet and bow making! I’ll be […]

10 Simple Afternoon Art Projects

Simple Afternoon Art Projects

This summer we’ve just been enjoying some absolutely fun art projects. Many I’ve found on Pinterest. I’ve just been picking those that take little prep and offer marvelous results. So, today I’m sharing a round up of those projects because I know you and your children will enjoy them too – any time of year! […]

DIY Hand Soap Dispenser

DIY Hand Soap Dispenser at Hodgepodge

You may remember our pretty hand soap dispensers with initials? Well, in our house some things need to be super-sized. See, how much bigger this warehouse-sized hand sanitizer is compared to one that would sit by the bathroom sink? Nana taught us this fun craft and helped us make hand soap gifts, personalized for teachers. […]

Valentines to Make: Crafts, Pastels and Recipes

wedding shower paper chain

A recent example of love.. I hear myself let loose a long, exasperated sigh as I bend down to pick up the tiny scraps of paper that litter the floor. Across the room a small voice says, “I love you Mama.” My littlest guy keyed into my tone and he turned it around. Love does […]

Candy-labra: Candy Cane Candle Holder

Image 1

One Friday night, Nana and I made candy cane candlestick holders. She found this neat project on The Mother Huddle. What you will need: a pack of 20 candy canes hot glue gun (Nana did this part) ribbon candles First we hot glued the candy canes to a candle. Then we made sure they were […]

Wedding Shower Paper Chain


Coming up in a couple short weeks we will celebrate a cousin’s wedding! All of my girls will have the privilege of a part in the ceremony in some way. Littlest girl is a flower girl! Two years ago, when another cousin of mine wed, I saw these beautiful paper chains on Everyday Celebrating. You […]

Hand Print Easter Lamb


You, dear reader, already know Nana. She shares the blessedly messy pastel lessons with us. She gave me the red and white checked family cookbook I share recipes from. Well, she has graciously agreed to be a regular contributor here on Hodgepodge! Today, she’s sharing a craft she helped the children with, Hand Print Easter […]

The Easter Season – A Compilation of Favorites


For this Easter season, several of our family favorites… Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter I had marked the date on the calendar back in January. That day we received the much anticipated Amon’s Adventure. I marked the date we were to start reading the book. This is a family storybook for Easter written […]