Slow Cooker Spinach Lasagna Recipe

crock pot lasagna

We are right here in the middle of 10 Days of Lasagna Learning: Teaching Multiple Ages. What’s a series on lasagna learning without a true lasagna recipe you can enjoy around your table? This is our all-time favorite slow cooker version. A definite have-to-have in the Fast Food for Slow Sundays category. A meal we enjoy at least once a month. The recipe I found

The Passing of Two Pots

red crockpot

This post, from December 2009 has new meaning. New meaning because yet another slow cooker has passed. It became a cracked pot. Slow cooked meals for two years in the fancy pot with the timer. This is a big deal because I depend on that slow cooker many times a week. Plus there’s the twice monthly slow cooker batch cooking. Time for a new one.

Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Slow Cooker Garlic Dip


My mother made this to serve her Birthday Club. We got the leftovers! Oh yum. Since many of our holiday, family get togethers happen on a Sunday, I’m sharing this recipe today. Just a few ingredients and you toss it in the slow cooker! A great recipe for the holidays. A great recipe for anytime! Click here for ingredients and instructions: A Year of Slow

Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Slow Cooker Tilapia Packets


Hands down our favorite way to eat fish. The slow cooker way! Individual filets are placed in foil packets. So clean up is easy too. Mix up the topping. Place a little on each side of the filet. Wrap the foil around. Tuck them all in together in the slow cooker. Cook over several hours. Serve with rice, veggies and bread. Recipe at A Year

Gift idea: Slow Cooker Love


Only two years old and it’s changed my life. The slow cooker my in-laws gave me for Christmas. I didn’t know that just a few, little features like these would make such a difference: programmable timer switches to warm when cooking time is over removable insert can go right in the dishwasher or be used as a serving dish six quarts feeds my larger family