Hodgepodge Curricula 2012-2013

Hodgepodge Curricula 2012-2013

Our Homeschool Curricula 2012-2013 Over the last several days I have been sharing our plans for each of our children. Each grade plan plus the tools for teaching the skills and knowledge we desire for them. Using our Hodgepodge Homeschool Method, we pray they will grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. So, below are the plans along with the organization and consideration

Homeschooling High School at Hodgepodge

Homeschooling High School

My eldest two children are just 20 months apart in age. So, quite naturally they do many of their studies together. They are only officially a grade apart. For the 2012-13 year, they are my 8th and 9th graders. It was a few really busy years when they were both so little. But I’ve always been thankful God designed our family that way. This sister

Fifth Grade Kinesthetic Learner: Curriculum and Organization

5th Grade Curriculum and Organization

I’ve talked before about how this is a big year for each of our children. I shared our plans for preschool and first grade yesterday. Tomorrow is for my 8th and 9th graders. Today we focus in on my Middle Girl. Fifth grade. Upper elementary. Last year before middle school. Transitioning to dialectic. That’s big. I’ve also mentioned the hodgepodge of learners we have here.

Preschool to First Grade Curriculum and Organization

Hodgepodge Preschool to First Grade

A dear reader asked, “Hi Tricia! Which curriculum you are using this new school year for your little ones?” How did she know I was formulating a series leading up to our Hodgepodge Curricula 2012-2013? There are just too many great resources for our age range of children to put them all in one post. Homeschool Organization for Little Ones Little Desks. But before I