Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

Hodgepodge Homeschool Curriculum Choices for All Ages

Last year I made a permanent spot for our homeschool curriculum choices at Hodgepodge. I wanted it to be easy for you to find our favorites and easy for me to share when I get a curriculum question (because we have such an age range and I share many reviews at The Curriculum Choice). I’ve […]

Homeschool Science Curriculum Choices: Reader Question

Homeschool Science Curriculum Choices for Multiple Ages at Hodgepodge

We have several homeschool science curriculum choices that have blessed us big time. I’ve shared about what we’ve used in the last couple of years. That prompted a reader to ask the following question. She said that I could share with you… Question: I have been struggling with picking a science curriculum for my children […]

High School Homeschool Curriculum Choices

High School Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

This past month I have shared the span from preschool to middle school – our curriculum choices for each age and stage. Today we reach high school. In the fall of 2015, we are headed into our fourth year of high school. This year we again have two high schoolers – young adults in 11th […]

Middle School Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Middle School Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge - favorites from all our years homeschooling!

Our middle school girl is a busy, kinesthetic learner who loves to craft. She loves to make things. Do things. Move. Participate. Give her a display board for a biography report. Let her make a salt dough map. She loves to color while I read. Crafts, creations, busy. That’s her. You may remember a couple of […]

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

Many a time I have found myself pausing and being thankful that the younger two that make up our elementary homeschool are so close in age. Almost exactly two years apart with the same birthday month. They are buddies and they cheer each other on in their learning. Older sister coaches reading. Younger brother waits […]

Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Choices

In years past, I have always shared details of our preschool and kindergarten curriculum choices here at Hodgepodge. Now that we’ve had much practice with children in preschool, elementary, middle and high school all at once, I felt it was time to make a permanent spot for all our favorite homeschool curricula. One place that […]

Tapestry of Grace and History Revealed?

Thoughts on Tapestry of Grace and AiG History Revealed

It’s the time of year when I get questions on curriculum choices! I love to talk curriculum. And today I am sharing a question Holli asked about the homeschool resources Tapestry of Grace and Answers in Genesis: History Revealed. It’s a post I’ve promised for a while. Hi Tricia, Q: I really wanted to ask […]

Homeschooling Multiple Ages: Curriculum Choices

Hodgepodge #Homeschool Curricula for Multiple Ages

This last week I’ve shared our curriculum choices for 2013-2014 from kindergarten to high school. If you missed any of our individual plans, you can find a list at the bottom of this post. Because of that age range, we do many of our subjects and learning all together. Layers and levels  – lasagna learning. […]

Homeschooling High School: Curriculum, Organization, Planning

Homeschooling High School Curriculum Choices and Organization at

This past week I have shared the span from kindergarten to middle school – our curriculum choices for 2013-2014. Today we reach high school and in my next post I’ll share the resources we use with all our ages – together. This is the year we have two high schoolers – 9th grade Eldest Boy […]

6th Grade Homeschool: Curriculum Choices

6th Grade #Homeschool Curriculum Choices at

Over this week I am sharing our curriculum choices for 2013-2014. Our Middle Girl is now officially a middle schooler! Today I share all the resources for this busy, kinesthetic learner. You may remember last year I shared about the organization we put in place with her in mind. Take a peek at the baskets […]

Homeschool Second Grade: Curriculum Choices 2013-2014

Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

Over the next week I am sharing our curriculum choices for 2013-2014. Yes, here at the second grade desk… As I said yesterday, rest assured I am still in the planning stages, but we pretty much have a handle on what resources we’ll be using – based on experience. My Littlest Girl is a rising […]

Hodgepodge Curricula 2012-2013

Hodgepodge Curricula 2012-2013

Our Homeschool Curricula 2012-2013 Over the last several days I have been sharing our plans for each of our children. Each grade plan plus the tools for teaching the skills and knowledge we desire for them. Using our Hodgepodge Homeschool Method, we pray they will grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. So, […]