Nana’s Berry Easy Cake Mix Cobbler Plus 10 No Bake Recipes

Summer berries

Beautiful berries. Celebrate summer and enjoy a special occasion cobbler. Especially easy with a store-bought cake mix. This recipe works for any berries you come across. Those growing in your garden or those you find at the farmer’s market or the produce section of your favorite grocery store. Nana’s recipe for Berry Easy Cake Mix Cobber at $5 Dinners… Plus, since I am avoiding the

S’moreos and S’more Really Great Cookie Recipes

Smoreos best friends

S’mores are summer. Summer is s’mores. Add in Oreos and it’s even more. Even more of a special treat. And you can treat even more. Translation: S’moreos last longer than traditional s’mores in our larger family. Don’t miss the delicious fun at $5 Dinners. Click over to S’moreos. In celebration of cookies, here are a few more favorites: Oreo Truffles at Habits for a Happy

Southern Living’s Strawberry Pretzel Ice Box Pie

Strawberry Pretzel Ice Box Pie

Now I must start by saying that this is much more time than I usually spend on making any sort of meal or treat. However, as the recipe says, this is worthy of a special occasion. And oh sweetie pie! Indeed it is. Take a gander at the photos and I’m sure you will agree. Plus, the Strawberry Pretzel in the title got me. That

12 Easy Summer Recipes

edible sand

Edible Sand via Household Ways Yoo Hoo Ice Cream by Southern Plate Shrimp Salad Easy Cucumber Salad Cucumber and Vinegar Salad Veggie Plate Avocado Egg Salad Guacamole Hummus Spinach & Fruit Salad Cookies & Cream Meal Plan: Just a Sandwich (whole lot of recipes!) My Egg-Free Tuna Salad (not made with mayo!) recipe at Food Allergies on a Budget.  

5 Chocolate Recipes

5 Chocolate Recipes at Hodgepodge

Time for some chocolate love! 1. Chocolate Chip Cake – our favorite, throw-it-all-in-the-Bundt-pan, all-occasion cake. 2. Oreo Truffles – three ingredients and allergy-friendly for our crew. 3. Fudge Pie (you can even create a slice with pastels – includes a chalk art tutorial!) 4. Microwave Fudge – another three-ingredient, simple favorite. 5. Nana’s Famous Chocolate Pound Cake (with that fudge icing) Feel free to browse